Welcome to The Vintage Inbred Zone

Best page to stereotype inbred redneck hicks who are white supremacist, stereotype, ignorant, deeply religious conservative and are inbred redneck sport hunters

This page will show you the hickery of sportsmen, hunters and especially trappers.
and some trappers becoming hickier than the average hick. This page is a mixture of exaggeration and truth.
Like mixing fact with fiction and satire or black comedy you can call it. This page is mostly a rant and satire about redneck, hillbilly, hicks and stereotype close minded folks. Many redneck hicks got butthurted over this.
If they love slandering on people soo much then maybe we should play fair, by slandering on them back.
Warning this page contain materials that may be offensive to extremely offensive.
Hicks are corrupted as always (HERE)
Hicks are stereotypical and pro-transfatish and trappers lacks in rights, or has less rights than a human (HERE)
The hick's habitat and part of their town called Shitsville, also added their lifestyle (HERE)
Hicks / hillbillies have a VERY short temper (HERE)
Hicks are very pro-white. Especially trappers their forums are racist because it lacks in black people. (HERE)
The hick's vehicles and technologies (HERE)
Sarah Palin is the Northern version of inbred hick. (HERE)
The hicks love stealing technology from video games such as the plunger gun from a SNES video game (HERE)
The hicks obsess on Creationism and believes in Adam and Eve aka their ancestors about 6,000 years ago. (HERE)
Does methamphetamine have a connection with hicks or what happens if we combine inbreeding and meth? (HERE)
OK!! Trappers ARE hicks.... (HERE)
Trappers are definitely true hicks and they chew tobacco and spits it everywhere like hicks. (HERE)
Hicks with their short temper and violent behavior often ends up in becoming murderers. (HERE)
Now they've done it!!! They became hickier and inbredier that they give the white man a bad name. (HERE)
Duck Dynasty are an example of inbreeding, incest, 15 years old marriage and pedophilia. (HERE)
Confederate flag ban made the GOP removed their Halloween suit and revealed themselves as the KKK (HERE)
This will be an interesting page.
Q: Why it's called (The Vintage Inbred Zone). What has to do with trappers?
A: Good question why is called TVIZ. Its simple
Trappers act like is the past (vintage), Trappers are very stupid and mindless savages (inbred) like the horror film called "Wrong Turn" and that will show their crap which is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT true. Trappers are just like hillbillies.
Trapper Creek is the ultimate of boonie towns, located in bum-fuck nowhere. The people that live here mostly consist of rednecks/hillbillies, (part from Urban dictionary)

This shows example of trappers ARE Hillbillies/redneck failed-gene inbred freaks.
They force their kids to be just like them by brainwashing them with ignorance.
On their forums you will see the word redneck 100000 times, joke or not it admit they are
inbred hillbilly redneck vintage losers.
Trappers acts like hicks and obsess on the amendment to the point they demonize humanity.
They say being racist is "freedom of speech" and part of the first amendment. Trappers are soo old fashionish
They are very stereotypical, ignorant, stupid and apathetic. Seeks conclusion before research like all hicks does.
This mage will make a mockery out of stereotypes, ignorant, racist, hicks, sportsmen, trappers and other inbreds.
Here is an example of being an inbred Hillbilly asswipe. Their forums are corrupted. In their rules it says
Your opinion is welcome, even if it's a "little inflammatory" (Again, as long as we can stay constructive and civil).
The AR who posted above was civil and showed truth about trappers and people replied with stupidity and deleted the post.
And he calls that civil?? It's uncivil and prove more trappers are BAD GUYS!!
AR post will not be shown.
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cxx Re: HI!!
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Good morning, Hi, how are ya'.........and you're right------->>>>>>> SMOKING IS BAD!!!!!!!!!
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First sentence was polite but rest was offtopic because the AR's nickname was SmokingIsBad.

There are no stupid questions....

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xxx Re: HI!!
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Those are some good lookin animals! Congrats on those catches!
He reply this when the AR showed blooded trapped animals from Tman before Paul deleted it. What a stupid brainless moron.
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xx Re: HI!!
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BTW I quit smoking over 3 years ago by Auricular Therapy. Best $90 I ever spent in my life.
Totally offtopic (ignorant means stupid in my views).
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trapperman tman inbred stereotypical hicks white supremacist racism hillbillies hillbilly ignorance inbreeding stupidity backward vintage ignorance hickery inbred morons no intelligence and brains. hal sullivan newt sterling snareone snareline scrap5000 trapping hunting republican republicans republiturds conservative hicks right wing far-right NRA sportsmen USSA US sportsmen alliance inbreeding poaching liars money making lobbyist IWCN

The hicks stereotypical diet of loving transfat and fast food.
Their soo wanna be true American and making American look like they're the world's fattest country and especially making the Southerners look hickier than hicks.

Here is something that will give a freaken good laugh. Trappers are severely inbred and are pro-transfatism.
They have this huge obsession on this very heavily misleading site called "Center for Consumer Freedom" Is 100% ignorant site that promote trans-fat and more unrealistic bull. Tobacco company funded this pile of manured crap. Tobaccos are responsible for the mass murder of people and trappers support it? Like PETA says you start to kill animals and then after you kill humans.
Also been funded by fast food restaurants which large percentage uses transfat. It had been heavily criticized check that on Wikipedia.
Also their site about transfat seem it been closed down but here is some quotes.
Trans fats, especially those found in partially hydrogenated oils, have been maligned by food police groups and the media as "toxic," "phantom fats." But the facts don't back that up. In fact, trans fats have been a part of the American diet since the early 1900s and they are hardly toxic.
Hardly toxic?? Are these inbred hicks high????? Clogging your arteries and causing heart diseases and strokes. here's a laugh for this pile of crap. If is soo healthy then why large percentage of Americans are OBESE??? Those CCF pricks don't care about our future generation (children) already suffering from obesity and premature death. This truly shows trappers are very bad people they will support this pile of manure. Trapper example means I'd rather preserve my trapping rights than banning transfat and tobacco. They are nothing but a bunch of vintage inbred failures in real life.
Oh!! Wait they wanna become hicks because their stereotyped lifestyle, transfat, bad diet, high intake of red meats and getting fat to become hillbillies.

Time to show a little educational stuff to trappers if their non-responsive transfat-bloated screwed'up brains can process this.
FACT about TF
  • They are partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, turning oily foods into semi-solid foods
  • Used to extend shelf life of products
  • Put into pastries, cakes, margarine and some fast foods
  • Can raise levels of "bad" cholesterol
  • Even a small reduction in consumption can cut heart disease
  • They have no nutritional benefit
Most trans fats today are manmade because is cheaper.. Quote of WIKI > chemically, trans fats are made of the same building blocks as non-trans fats, but have a different arrangement. In trans fatty acid molecules, the hydrogen atoms are bonded to pairs of doubly bonded carbon atoms (characteristic of all unsaturated fats) in the trans rather than the cis arrangement. This results in a straight, rather than kinked, shape for the carbon chain, more like the straight chain of a fully saturated fat.

Alzheimer's Disease
: A study published in Archives of Neurology in February 2003 suggested that the intake of both trans fats and saturated fats promote the development of Alzheimer disease

Liver Dysfunction: Trans fats are metabolized differently by the liver than other fats and interfere with delta 6 desaturase. Delta 6 desaturase is an enzyme involved in converting essential fatty acids to arachidonic acid and prostaglandins, both of which are important to the functioning of cells.

Infertility: One 2007 study found, "Each 2% increase in the intake of energy from trans unsaturated fats, as opposed to that from carbohydrates, was associated with a 73% greater risk of ovulatory infertility…

Usually fast-food restaurant does NOT use natural trans-fat only chemicals one which is bad for you. Also more fact about transfat.

Food:                                                                                                               Trans Fat Source
Commercial Baked Goods (Bread, Cookies, Cakes, Pies, etc.)                    40%
Animal Products (Butter, Meat, etc.)                                                                 21%
Margarine, Spreads, Shortenings                                                                      21%
Fried Potatoes                                                                                                           8%
Chips, Popcorn                                                                                                         5%
Others                                                                                                                        5%

They strongly support the CCF known as the Center for Consumer Freedom HERE
Founded & funded by the big tobaccos and also all researchers in CCF are highly inexperienced and those idiots believe in it?. CCF history is mass murdering people from tobacco companies, plus they get your donation money and spends it on freaken huge mansion.

Center for consumer freedom are just like these hicks who are Trans-Fascism.
That King of the Hill episode there they hickerized and became extremely stereotype and said trans-fats are healthy because it makes the food taste better and without it food taste like paper.
This will show trappers have "less rights" than an average human they take orders like robots and lack in remorse.
Trappers will kill cats if the government allows it.
Trappers will kill endangered species if government allows it.
Trappers don't believe in science which science always tell the truth.
Trappers don't believe in global warming and future disasters awaiting.
They vote republican which they are oil drillers lovers. They support drilling.
Many Republican will support the "Voted YES on deauthorizing "critical habitat" for endangered species."
They don't care about the future of Earth because they will all be dead by the time Earth will suffers from irreversible disasters because from pollution, global warming and overpopulation of human etc.
Trappers are inbred ignorant (stupid) people, bunch of vintage caveman that are 100% ignorant.
They vote that unskilled cunt Sarah Palin just because she hunts. Check bad things Palin does.
  • Opposed protections for salmon from mining contamination. (Aug 2008)
  • Sue US government to stop listing polar bear as endangered. (Aug 2008)
  • We must encourage timber, mining, drilling, & fishing. (Jan 2008)
  • Wolf predator control is important for subsistence hunters. (Sep 2007)
  • Feds shouldn't list beluga whales as endangered. (Aug 2007)
  • Convince the rest of the nation to open ANWR. (Jan 2007)
  • Global warming affects Alaska, but is not man-made. (Aug 2008)
Hunters and trappers are stupid inbred people because of their excessive obsession on their stupid cruel crappy sport.

No wonder why hicks are bad looking because of their stereotypical lifestyle and wanna be true redneck with our true American trapper diet. Having chunky arms and a big gut, also femininized nipples, big cheeks and attractive looking thrombosed blood vessels in our limbs.
Pictures bellows are what trappers really look like and or are like.
Their diet results in their out of shapiness.

For an example of what Buzzard of Tman looks like.
he is one of those inbred redneck/hillbillies freaks.
Ugly person, big gut and looks exacly like a hillbilly and act redneckish.

Even hicks are fat addicted. C

An example of a femininized nipple hick. This is what ONLY a hick's mother would love.

The ultimate failure evolution of trappers/ignorants.
Extreme-religious, Ultra-religious and or Religous zealots.
Makes the person act exacly like an inbred hillbilly/redbeck/old schoolie etc.

Q: How many hits does this page gets?
A: Freaken a lot. In 2009 when it was new, around over 1.2K.
As for 2010 in early April Over 9,020 hits. Probably that is the most popular page on the site.

Reminds me of Oldcoon.

Aside doing bestiality they do..... What??? Tractoriality???? Raping a poor defenseless tractor.
The hick's habitat and lifestyle

A trappers habitat. I saw many photo of their house. Some looks just like hillbilly roach infested home.
NOTE not all of their house looks like this pigsty but most of them does.

Trapper's cabin where they use for pouring cancer causing chemicals on their furs. Possibly their meth lab too.

Only female (woman) of their own kind can accept smiles like that. Must be why the majority
of a trapper's wife are also trappers or support trapping. Marriage to their own kind.

Possibly the worst case of inbreeding of all time.

Even they have their own video games..............Pretty CREEPY Eh?!!!

The lastest video game made by hicks.
Super White Trash Fighter II

Even the hicks has no manners at all.

Hicks always wanna be kings. As their behavior of acting extremely childish.

The most white trash family ever.

If you check sportsmen and trappers forums they are soo stereotype hicks and soo similar to the shit on here

Hicks tends to look ugly like that... Rather they are male or female they get fat, bald and dumb.

At least they know how to make a comfortable swing. Only downside is they will rot overtime and smell like shit.
Why soo much Criticism and hatred against Christianity
Majority of trappers/hunter are Christians Enter link for more.
Check out this hillbilly man raging soo much. Putting soo much rage on Trapperman's forums. He is probably trying to waste his life of being Mira Trapper aka Donnie MacLeod.
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There are many more ragy threads like that but I wont bother uploading em all. This is just to show how much rage this hick is putting on Tman's dumpy website,

He will endup with a heart attack from all that stress because the AR are doing the right thing.
And as for "New York, Pa among most 'humane' state" So this angry hillbillyfreak admit is wrong being humane??? Another debunk showing that trappers are anti-humane and pro-cruelty. He just gave more ammo to the antis (good people). This asshole have nothing better to do but jacking off Mira Trapper and being like this piece of religious garbage Mira Trapper.

The hicks gets mad soo damn easily. he was butthurt when he saw this page TVIZ.
This moron makes stupid people look smart. What you said stupid smart???. Yes it shows Ryan98 is stupider than stupider than stupid. Why call trappers hicks because of 3 reasons.
1, Inbred.
2, Ignorance, stupid and stereotypes.
3, The 2 above.
Look the way this foaming reject speaks and you'll know what I mean.
Plus this nutcase talks to himself "self-quoting" because NOBODY LIKES HIM. Look no replies. Imbred isn't a real word. INBRED you imbecile, You live soo backward in time hick.
#3207651 - Today at 01:47 AM zaxtor
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Loc: sw virginia
man it is disapounting that we got guy and gails fighten and dieing for a butt wipe like him callen us imbreds man he get under my skin like the ticks on my poor dog callen paul stupid man those r fighting words

Edited by ryan98 ( Today at 01:49 AM )
if u try to rob me i call 1911
#3207658 - 50 minutes 43 seconds ago Re: zaxtor [ Re: ryan98 ]

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how does he even get on here we might have to do like paul done to the shed got to be a member to com in i no he can get a count and proble does might have to a quiz every month or so new thang happen in the trappen world
if u try to rob me i call 1911



This prove they're stupid because LOOK AT FUCKING THEM FOR A BLOODY MINUTE.
I bet is what these hicks says in their head. They always uses the N word and call Libyan towelheads also calls Arabs "Sand N" word. These stupid racists should have their balls cut off if they have any LMAO.

Anti-communism but pro-fascism, pro-Nazism also white supremacist and a dictator like Hitler.

Also Canada is right that Bush should face WAR CRIMES. Conservative trappers hicks hug EVERY republicans even if they're corrupted and even facing war crimes. Because they are hicks and you can NOT negotiate with hicks.
Their vehicles and technologies

Also their crappy technology.


A junked old shitty vehicle driven by rednecks and some farmers. contains empty beer cans, a torn out seat and a dog sitting in the front passenger. not to be confused with farm truck as the hickmobile speed away the rear bumper fell to the ground.

hickrv or hickrecreational vehicle
A vehicle that are usually made from old school buses from the 40 or 60s with an ugly awkward mobile home that often have traces of shit, manure w/e.

Hick / redneck repair kit
If you ever wonder how do redneck hicks repair their cars they use pringle cans for pipes.

Chopper mower, another inbred hick technology crappypiece.

Redneck party van.

Inbred hick or redneck limo

Typical redneck yacht

Atleast this motorcycle from that hick saves metal but WASTE wood.

Inbred hick's mansion known as the redneck mansion and YES is fucking awsome!!

Redneck recliners. Hicks uses random junk to make recliners.

Inbred hick deer stand

Hillbilly's hygienic behavior

Redneck's house maintenance

Like when you google funny joke pictures about redneck and hicks they are mostly fake and made up things.
But when I went to trapperman and other hick forums their crap LOOKS EXACLY THE SAME as the joke pictures about inbred hicks so sportsmen and trappers are definitely inbred hicks, This page may be comedy and or satire but some shit on here are TRUE.


CLT doesn't know how to dispose garbage and or old Fords so he let this crap rot in his farm land.

2poor is just like a porcupine, MESSY. Look at his backyard, a total mess. Full of junk just like a typical hick.

UFO welcome center. But in the hick's term it would be HFO "Hick's flying object"....

Sarah Palin is the Northern version of inbred hick.
She is like all the other hicks, lets their kids have unprotected sex and having babies at underage.

She is quite chunky no wonder why she wears loose clothing so we don't see her chunkiness.

Sarah Palin is the queen of White trash.
Inbred sportsmen and hick trappers are sexual deviant who worship Sarah Palin because she is a woman and because she hunts... The hicks are too blind to realize she is dumb as hell and believes the Earth is 6,000 years old and believes Africa is a country not a continent.

A look at Palin's science education plan.

Sarah Palin's debate flow chart.

LOL WUT!!!????

Trappers are at it again.
Is bad enough they believe in god and say god is real. Now they take stuff from video games and make them come true

You remember this SNES classic called Simpsons, Bart's nightmare game.
In the Itchy and Scratchy door you fight these 2 then get the plunger gun to kick some ass.
But the big problem is these stupid hicks wanna be SNES heroes and steals copyrighted materials from this game, here is the evidence.

The plunger gun from the game. Now according to their stupid forums they wanna ban it.

Diff view of it.

They call it assault plungers. Should be called assault plunger WITHOUT AN "S" because there is only one thing in the damn room. Unless 3 pictures means 3 different weapons.
Original post with this assault plunger gun.
Even gun nuts like these hicks want them banned...... I'm surprised people who oppose gun ban even gun control but he want this weapon to be outlawed?
That weapon looks 100 times less dangerous than the original weapons.
Such a large projectile would move thousands of times slower than a bullet because of a few reasons.
1. large size.
2. frontal area is not pointy so when it goes through air, fluids and or other gases it will slow down a lot.
3. gun lacking in muzzle velocity. It would take a stronger explosive charge to shoot this projectile farther.
4. probably more reasons.
5. even more reasons.

#3559881 - Yesterday at 09:29 PM Assault Plungers need to be outlawed
Boostinhard Offline

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Loc: Grand Detour, IL (31)
I had a buddy make up an assault plunger the other day and sent a couple of pictures of it to me. I think this thing just looks to dangerous to be owned my the general public and needs to be banned. Just imagine the devastating force this would have on pushing a clogged turd down the chute. You would have a precision line of sight to to subject matter to eliminate it at will. Anyways, just thought you guys would enjoy the pictures as much as I did. grin

I really wish I had a bigger hammer.

Adam and Eve "Creationism" is a clue of inbreeding and formation of the hicks

Why sport hunters, trappers and other sportsmen are all stereotypical hicks?

Most of them are deep Christian and they kill because their religion says so. They can't think for themselves.
First of all most of them believe in Creationism and take it seriously by saying is true and evolution is a lie.
They are passive aggressive, short tempered, obsessiveness on sadism, opinionated, denial to the truth, alarmist, paranoid, sociopath and ignorant. Hicks enjoys sadism and are soo apathetic.
Also they blame their problems upon others just like these damn hicks does.

Now lets explain why sportsmen are hicks and dumb as hell. If they believe in Adam and Eve soo badly it will show their very poor gene pool. Majorties of them are republican, I like to call them republihicks, republitrash.
They live a stereotypical life of I wanna be true American "Love it or leave it" They make a mockery of USA.
They make Southerner look like racist and hicks.

Meth addiction and hicks.
Why some advanced damage from meth makes people look similar to hicks?
But what if we go further by inbreeding and combining it with methamphetamine together?

Even stupid hicks do drugs. Many hicks admitted to do meth in their past etc. His dog got soo terrified that it ran off away from his master.

That man who looks like Chuck Norris is another butthurt hick trapper who shows what kind of people trappers are. They have reaction formation, passive aggressive and blames animals over their enemies because they are cowards.
Trappers are either fat or frail, most trappers I ever dealth with are coward, frail and or fat. Is why they are too afraid to confront their enemies and picks on animals instead. This hick is probably on meth just as these hicks.
He provokes people first and then lies to people by saying they started first, so guess again liar,
you will be SHAMED you stupid inbred hick who take drugs. He looks like this frail underweight feeble hick Also he love inbreeding with his brother who has almost no teeth.

Musicians have "Sex, drugs and rock & roll" while trappers has "Trap, god, drugs and inbreeding".
We know trappers are apathetic, stereotypical, will not standup against racism, they're passive aggressive, reaction formation, They value trapping above everything, they're cruel and support all form of cruelty and or bloodsports. Yukon men is an example of what horrible subhumans trappers are, yukon men is a subhuman era.
If these inbred hicks love soo much slandering about me and claiming I do drugs which I DON'T. Now is my turn.
The latest scientific study shows why trappers are inbred and becomes hicks. Just like above the Adam and Eve.
How is that?
The reason why the hicks look like crap and or inbred are because they do meth and then inbred.
Apathetic and sadism toward animals and or blaming animals over the enemies are caused by inbreeding.
Taking meth aggrevates this and make trappers vile and barbaric hicks who love to indulge in sadism and they kill because they enjoy it. Trappers blames animals because of the antis does something trappers hates because trappers are simply cowards, weakling, frail and or fat, they are afraid. Also trappers are stupid deceitful inbred hermits.
here is a few posts about trappers who did meth and or did meth in the past. They accuse me of doing meth and later I find out these hicks already did meth. Don't forget this page is a mixture of truth and satire / black comedy
PS. Inbreeding alone is really bad. but inbreeding combined with meth is far WORSE. Seriously don't do drugs.
Despite TVIZ of being a satire page these posts are REAL and unedited. It was from a thread last year about meth. Like I said, is comedy mixed with realism. Even using realism and turning it into comedy WITHOUT editing their posts nor altering the message.. Is like some stuff takes real news and reply to them with comedy.
Meth addicts looks almost like inbred hicks. But combining them with inbreeding and meth makes it nastier.
#3083974 - 03/20/12 06:52 PM Re: Meth [ Re: andrews1958 ]
Earl-G Offline

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Loc: MN
I have a cousin who checked into treatment today for it...its bad stuff and extreamly hard to quit you wont find many functioning meth addicts.
Sit back and enjoy the show as a nation of sheep unquestioningly and unknowingly follows their perceived savior off a cliff.
BINGO!!!! He revealed why sportsmen are hicks. He just said A lot of them were hunters or fishermen.
Yes since they're frail and or fat and they rapidly get out of breath or exhausted they will do meth to power up.
#3084003 - 03/20/12 07:02 PM Re: Meth [ Re: andrews1958 ]
riverratdm Offline

Registered: 03/02/12
Loc: Iowa
I know some guys that did and still do meth. A lot of them were hunters or fishermen that did it cause they could run lines all night then go to work in the morning and do it all over again. Most wound up losing everything to the drug. A guy I know is in his early fourties and disabled. The doc. said he has the body of a 70 year old. Some have managed to quit it but almost all of them could not say no if they were around it. Very nasty stuff glad I never tried it when I was younger.
Probably his parents in law were too busy trapping and obsessing on trapping that they forgot to tell the sister that drugs ARE bad and you should never, EVER do meth nor weed AND nor any drugs.
Is why trappers are such bad parents, they focus on obsessing their kids to trap rather teaching them about life.
#3084089 - 03/20/12 07:36 PM Re: Meth [ Re: andrews1958 ]
Andrew B. Offline

Registered: 01/12/12
Loc: Comer.Ga
My foster sister has been on it and it took jail and losing everything she had stop. She admits she still wants it, just better at fighting the urge now. Hope she can stay clean but I doubt it. Maybe I'll lose that bet
I know why he lost some of his friends on meth because he was too busy cheating polls, brainwashing the public by saying trapping is "humane" and obsessing on being cruel to animals. Sportsmen only interesting is preserving their cruel culture, NOT humanity nor animals. So their friend will do drugs and by the time the hicks say I lost my friend is too late. They waste their time defending hunting and trapping rather than helping their friend getting off of drugs before is too late so guess what RJ Cooper rather cheat polls than helping his friends.
Oh wait trappers has no friends, only caring for peole that trap, only caring for their hobby not the person.
#3084112 - 03/20/12 07:48 PM Re: Meth [ Re: andrews1958 ]
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Lost a few freinds to it, in one way or another. Bad stuff. The user will go to ANY length to get it. I mean any.
The gene pool in America needs a little chlorine.
He was a speed freak so is how he became hickier than he was. Hard drugs like speed and meth etc makes you apathetic and not caring for lifeform and nor your own life.
#3084307 - 03/20/12 10:47 PM Re: Meth [ Re: andrews1958 ]
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It's hard to get off thats for sure. I was a speed freak for about 4 years in the 8o's. Person has to want to quit. Lot's if ppl I know are dead or in prison. That's the other 2 options if you don't quit. My brother was strung out about 10 years longer but finally managed to get clean . He had to move out of state to do it speed freaks love company in the middle of the night . They always like to share a little crank at about 3:30 in the morning so it's real tuff trying to stay straight around the old crowd.i'll pray for him. Just a side note I took my brother fishing ( of course he was wired) but as we caught some nice catfish and had a long talk he told me he that just seeing that there was other things besides crank gave him the will to quit. He stayed mean for a month. We fushed a couple days a week then had friends show up with some crank he was high for 3 days. When he came down he called and ask me if we could go fishin that day. I knew he had been getting wired and was really [Please excuse my language... I'm an idiot] but decided to take off work and take him fishing.My plan was to ripp him a new one lol. On the drive to the resevoir he told me he was gonna move to get away from the dope. I knew he was at a point that if he didnt he would probably end up in the morgue. I told him go for it I'd help in any way he needed it. Thats been over 10 years ago. He has a great job now , i wish he was closer but hey we still hit new orleans when I go see him lol. In fact tommorow at 7 pm were leaving for jamaica to meet him and his wife for vacation. There's slways hope!!!
catch to date:
skunks 4
coon 13
mink 0
rats 49
beaver 5
yotes 6

He used the drug, should say meth for 15 years??? Wow he must have no teeth left. Is why the hicks often have missing teeth is because they do drugs and or inbreeding.
I never did any drugs not even pot nor tobacco and nor alcohol. Being sober is the BEST drug out there.
Also this piece of shit reason why he is soo apathetic, cruel and hang with these Yukon men reality show sucking dickheads are because they are soo apathetic and are all hicks. Probably all hard druggies and or former hard drug users. Remember kids always say NO to drugs, rather is pot, tobacco or hard drugs. SAY FREAKEN NO.
He relied on religion to unstoned himself not himself because like I said, trappers ARE cowards and relies on OTHERS and or OTHER IDEAS to be drug free. He proven himself to be a weakling and slave to his fake god.
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As bad as I hate to admit it. I used the drug for 15 years. I have been clean 16 months and recovery is possible. It is tough and a person has to want it and work for it. In most cases once the drug has you in the grip of addiction something has to happen to cause you enough pain to break the cycle of using. Usually it is repeated trips to jail or prision. I am fortunate enough I was scared with 20 yrs in prision, pleaded guilty to 10 yrs and got it put on the self(or hung over my head) for the completion of a intensive 2 yr treatment progam. It was the best thing to happen to me in order for this addict to straighten up. Today I am drug free, happy, working and half way threw my 2 year drug court diversion program.

Over 15 years of using the drug it I was successfull for many years. I graduated college, held a 100K yr job stayed out of trouble. The power of this drug is unbelievable and one day i lost my job becuase I didnt show up (because I was too high). It snow balled from there. Before I knew it I had a needle in my arm was living in a 200K home with no electricty and now water. Pooping in a 5 gallon bucket and sending it out in the trash. Peeing in a cup and pitching out the door. I sold the drug to pay for the use and make truck/house payments for a while. I was running with theives, [Please excuse my language... I'm an idiot], and convicts. I had run my family, friends and all good influence away. I had starting manufactoring it to lower the cost of use and maximize profits. In the end after 7 or 8 years of living that way my 200k house(repoed) had turn into a 13K shack with plastic and ply wood over the window, no electricty or running water, I would steal electricty from my nieghbor at night to heat in the winter. The banks had took my nice house, vehicles, and bass boat. My friends had stole every thing that could be packed off and I was in the dark cold seclusion of a 700 square foot shack with a needle in my arm.

This is just a brief description of the power and horror of this drug. I did not grow up this way or around drugs or drinking. It was just something I tried once. Then a little later again because it wasnt so bad(or so I thought) and it snow balled and years slipped. Here is a link to a song that I think describes the horror of this drug to the tee.

Take Vinke's advice, turn them in. My family turned me in and it was the best thing that every happened to me. I am starting to get my life back.

Just wanted to add that I still have all my teeth! Hygiene plays i big part in that area. I managed to religiously brush them threw out the addiction!

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Ryan NC admitted to be a cocaine addict, stupid hick trappers always claim to be perfect and being outside keeps them out of trouble.. LOL my ass, many hunters and fishermen did drugs, this hick was a coke addict.
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KYHC THANK YOU! You are one of the few that has survived this drug and can be very useful to other addicts in recovery... It is possible just very rare from what I've seen and the person has to want to recover for what ever reason... I think you may have found your calling in life! My personal monster was coke, been clean for 18+ years... it is possible! I was sitting in a 1 bed apt waiting on the power to get cut off or the police to come take me away after pulling over one of my friends at the time and carting him off... After 2 years of drug induced slavery I wanted my life back, that was a Sunday, I joined the ARMY on Monday.
Enough about the beaver that about drove me nuts... I'm still looking to buy silver coins, if ya got a few ya wanna sell shoot me a PM.
Oh so he only quit in ONE CONDITION if his cousin dies from meth. And again he came from a dysfunctional apathetic family that ONLY care to USE their kids to teach them to kill animals NOT about life and how bad are drugs and you should stay off of this crap. They obsess on torturing animals while ignoring the dangers of drugs.
Hey I'm cody lamb I really love meth and I will do it for the rest of my life. As long no relatives dies from it, I'll keep on doing it. I don't give a shit if people I never met dies from it. But hey they are strangers.
Opps my cousin died of meth so FINE I will quit the damn stuff. Jeeze don't kill more of my family since I'm off.

So is a type of thing these apathetic hicks will say mentally. They will do something until something bad happens to them and or their "love ones".
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good job man that stuff aint no good ive tried it and i stopped when my cousin died from it just hang in there pal the high feels good but the stuff that happens because of it sucks _________________________
cant catch it,just wait on it and shoot it

LOL He rely on a cult leader he never met to quit. Another slave who rely on a dead man he never met to quit?
Is bad enough trappers are weakling and blames their problems upon others but uses the reliance on another person that potentially never existed to quit. Yes is good to quit drugs. Some uses FEAR based on religion to quit that crap. I bet he started because his parents were too focused on teaching him to trap rather about teaching about life and the dangers of that crap known as drugs.
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Some people can kick the habit. I've been drug free for a little over 8 yrs now. I was able to be rid of that garbage with the help of my family and, most importantly, my faith in Jesus Christ. Believe me, it wasn't easy, but it can be done. My ex did not manage to stay off meth so I have raised my son myself. Now I have a great job, a beautiful new wife and just recently built ourselves a house. I guess all I'm trying to say is that it can be done. Have a great day everyone!
He did meth as a kid because his parents like all hick parents, his parents were ONLY interested in hunting and trapping by obsessing on it without focusing on teaching their kids about the dangers of drugs..
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I used to use meth when I was young and dumb, grew up and changed my ways. Just found out yesterday that my x-wife was busted a second time for meth, this time she was transporting a 1/2 lbs and got popped, her mug shot in the paper is disgusting. She deserves what's coming to her but I feel bad for our son. She somehow was released, ripped her parents off and is now on the run. The dealer she was working for has people after her and so do the cops. Sad
LOL god the ultimate savior. God is just a man made idea, why not other man made ideas like Santa Claus or dragons??. He was a crack cocaine addict. Probably his brain got soo damaged from all the drugs he started to see monsters that scared him soo much that he found excuses and saying "god made me quit". Fear makes you lie often. And again another hick with parents who only obsessed on making him cruel toward animals and NEVER taught him about the dangers of drugs and wrong doing such as stealing from people.
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Good points possum, you do know what your talking about,
The addiction never stops,its always there, People can preach from the highest soapbox available about how God is the
ultimate savior and he will cast all sins from the earth if you believe and worship him. It just dosent work that way,
I had a "struggle" with crack-cocaine about 20+ years ago, It took all my wordly posessions,friends and even some loved one's
Stealing from friends,employers to support my habit,I was homeless,desperate.
It all came to a head when I got busted 1-night shortly after I turned 18,got pulled over with a few friends while drinking/driving
Possession of Cocaine,pharphenalia,open bottle,carrying a loaded handgun without permit,,the list goes on,
I had already had a rough childhood,my first burglary charge at just 13,and I was a "regular" at the courthouse
for most of my juvenile-life. I knew at that point if I didnt change I would probaly die young,or face life in jail.
KY can probaly relate to the feeling of euphoria that crack/meth gives you,
best way I could describe it is a multiple-hour orgasm in your head,what human could resist that feeling ?
Somehow, I managed to get-away from my friends that continued to use,found a woman like no-other to support me mentally
and I too kicked it to the curb, never had a re-lapse,although the opportunities were there.
Those that have not traveled this path have little credibility when giving advice to those that cant stop,
It not as easy as "just say No"
So he has a daughter who started to do meth in her senior year of high school?
Guess what Idtrapper was soo busy in obsessing on trapping and or brainwashing his kids to trap and become soo apathetic that he did NOT have time to spend time in teaching his daughter about the dangers of drugs and or preventing her from touching that nasty ass shit called meth and or any hard drugs.
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I have a story about Meth..My oldest Daughter started using it during her senior year of high school.
A few months after she graduated she moved out on her own so I didn't see her as much.
I did notice a change in her complexion.
Four or five months later she and one of her roommates stopped bye the house,the next day my Wife asked if I had taken money out of an ATM the night before,I hadn't.
We put 2+2 together and decided that it must have been our Daughter.She had stolen my wife's ATM card and used it.
I confronted her about it,at first she denied it,and then later admitted that it was her said she needed money to pay some bills,I told her to try asking next time.
It was a day or two later that I noticed power tools missing out of my shop..
Then I started asking questions,talking to her old friends,I didn't like what I was hearing.
I confronted my Daughter again,and she denied that she was using drugs.
My wife and I talked about it,by this time we were both sure she was doing Meth.
The wife said she just won't listen to us,my statement was that I knew someone that wouldn't give her a choice about listening..That's when I called the cops.I pressed charges against her for taking the ATM card.It was the hardest thing I have ever done.
My Daughter called me every name in the book,told me that she hated me.
When she went to court I told the Judge that this was not about the money,it was about the reason it was stolen.
They put her in jail for awhile - then on probation - back to jail for dirty U.A.'s - She finally got put into a program called Drug Court..
It was tough and it took a long time, but she is clean now.
It has been 8 years since this all started,she is married now and doing well.
She has thanked me for stopping her,Say's she would probably be dead by now if I hadn't.
I am just grateful to have my Baby Girl back.

Now meth without inbreeding.

Now inbreeding without doing meth.

Now inbreeding with doing meth. (meth combined with inbreeding)

Is why is VERY bad combining meth with inbreeding. Meth mouth people already look like hillbillies.

Her sister is the only exception of not losing her facial structure.

misc comments about trappers being offended of being called hicks or admitting they're hicks.
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Ya, okay. We're hicks. He was anti trapping when he started his investigation. It didn't matter what he found, he was going to twist and bend the truth to fit his agenda.
Originally Posted By: BuckNE
Wonder how a Prius would work as a drowner weight. Just saying...

Coons: 3
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I love being a hick. Can't imagine not being a hick. It is who I am. But that man or a woman doesn't have the right to call trapping a cult. Does he know that many major cities were fur trading posts. And it was trappers and fur traders that layed down the foundation for the midwest. Farmers also had something to do with that to. But I hate the assumption that hicks are stupid. I'm a A student and I'm a hick. And I judge people's intelligence on what they know not on there grades.I know a kid that isn't a great student but he can fix anything that has to do with anything that has a motor. And If you asked a experience trapper about what a mink is, he will tell you he eats fish, frogs, crafish, mice and Muskrats. He will tell you how big a average male and female mink will get to be. He will tell you that he lives near any moving water. He will tell you that they will travel on dry land if they can but they are willing to get wet, that they will check any hole in sight for food, and likely places where they will travel.
You say "Trappers value trapping ABOVE human's life.". You are wrong, If you will whether help out homeless animals then homeless people, you are degusting.
#2816455 - Yesterday at 10:46 AM Re: Looks like Somebody doesn't understand me. [ Re: Mira Trapper ]
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I think that I speak for all of us ignorant refneck hicks when I say that we would be offended if we had sense enough to understand what we are being accused of.
Think I will go gut shoot a puppy.
A soft answer turneth away wrath.
#1351358 - Today at 08:54 PM trapper hate site crap
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have you guys seen this crap? its only a little way down the page and its called all they do is talk about how were inbreeds, redneck,& hick. it wasnt looking for it ut i just hit and up it poped.makes me sick

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They say i used to have good grades then, i discoverd the woods
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Rather be a redneck hick then a cityslicker any day.
My hero-My stepfather
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At least we know how to survive in the good and bad times.
To low to kick

To wet to pick-up

#3547241 - 01/09/13 07:20 PM Re: TV show "All my babbies Mammas" [ Re: scalloper ]
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please dont judge people in Georgia by what you see on that show or "Honey Boo Boo" and wonder why people call us southern folks inbred hicks haha
Trappers are definitely true hicks and they chew tobacco and spits it everywhere like hicks
An example of trapper hicks and inbred hicks being tobacco chewers or tobacco swallowers.

Many trappers chew tobacco and spit, some even wanna chew tobacco aboard an air plane... They have no matters at all just like inbred hicks from Shitsville.

Even trappers are pro-cancer activist because many of them own tobacco farms, grow their own tobacco to support murderers (tobacco companies) who kills countless people.
#3801786 - 05/15/13 07:47 PM Re: chew ... [ Re: muskbeav ]
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Chewed Cope since I was 14, but due to Economic conditions I switched to Redman Finecut natural.
False teeth yes.
#3802335 - 05/16/13 09:57 AM Re: chew ... [ Re: muskbeav ]
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I been chewing cope snuff for 30 years. I used to ride my bike to the store, get snuff, a coke, and punts for a dollar and get 3 penny's back. Now its near 5 bucks a can so I switched to grizzly fine cut. I started dipping Bruton with my granny.....and I still got all my teeth. Lol.
When you earnestly believe you can compensate for a lack of skill by doubling your efforts, there's no end to what you can't do.

Disgusting hick chewing aboard a plane. LOLOLOL stupid hick chew tobacco just like hillbillies in movies.
#4303176 - 02/09/14 05:17 PM Tabacco on airplanes?
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Does anybody know if it is allowable to chew on a plane? Im going to Alaska this summer, never been on a plane, and I know Im going to want a chew while Im up in the air. Any info would be much appreciated.
Then he must be a swallower ... Disgusting.
#4303180 - 02/09/14 05:20 PM Re: Tabacco on airplanes? [ Re: Big Sam ]
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I do. I am not a spitter so I don't know if that matters. I say go for it.
I buy junked and broken traps and trap parts.

Another tobacco swallower.
#4303247 - 02/09/14 05:50 PM Re: Tabacco on airplanes? [ Re: Big Sam ]
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Done it on long international flights , aside from that, I use spitless snus . Just the right thing to do. _________________________
Does a dyslexic,insomniac, agnostic lie awake at night wondering if there really is a Dog ?
You get the picture. I won't post every comment of these redneck hicks chewing tobacco...
The inbred hicks will often endup in killing other humans or traitors
Aside killing humans as for the cowardly hicks who wont kill humans the hicks are butthurt they will blame animals instead.
Inbred hicks will act childish due to their short temper. Is just like the inbred hick sportsmen especially trappers they always act childish, blames their problems on you, blames animals over people because the hicks like many trappers example are frail ugly cowards who blames animals over animal lovers because they're assholes like all hicks are.

Source :

Police say 10-year-old Ame Deal, of Phoenix, Arizona, was locked in a trunk overnight and left there to die. Yes, she died but it gets worse. Her inbred relatives who were angry with her for taking a Popsicle from the freezer put her there. At first, the white trash relatives claimed the girl died accidentally during a game of hide and seek.

Her aunt laughed about how well the girl was able to hide to reporters, thankfully she is not laughing tonight as she has been charged with some serious crimes since police discovered this was no accident. Ame`s abuse had been going on for well over a year. The details are beyond repulsive!

Ame`s cousin, Samantha Allen and her boyfriend (btw he looks like her brother as well) were arrested and charged with first-degree murder. The two older women her grandmother, 62-year-old Judith Deal and her aunt, Cynthia Stoltzmann, were charged with kidnapping and child abuse. All twelve children that lived in the home are now with Children's Protective Service.

There has been lots of abuse in this unfortunate child`s history. Witnesses have the nerve to came forward now and tell police they have seen the INBRED family hit the girl with a wooden paddle called a butt buster, forced her to swallow hot sauce, forced her to exercise and do backbends for hours on end, AND crush cans with her bare feet. The fat pigs were too busy feeding their own pie holes yet they starved this beautiful little girl.

The white trash family actually padlocked the young girl in a tiny box and fell asleep forgetting that they had left her in there to die. When they actually found the little girl, she had been pressed up against the box, there were marks on her body as if she had been trying to get out. The height of the box was 31-1/2 inches. This girl is 50 inches tall so you can imagine this little girl being crammed in this box. When they found the girl she was soiled and sweaty.

Of course the entire area they live in is just filled with trashy people, neighbors are coming out of the wood work now claiming they were aware of the abuse this little girl suffered, yet no one stepped in to help her.

Even inbred hicks makes some of the sickiest people on Earth.

Child Porn Collector Kills A Mother And Rapes Her 10-Year-Old Daughter

Live report on David Renz plea
He sounds like a hick the way he speaks.. He speaks like he swallowed soap or he has marbles in his mouth, Or even sucking a penis while talking.

A luciferian previously charged with having child pornography cut an electronic monitoring device off his ankle before carjacking a woman, fatally stabbing her and raping her 10-year-old daughter, authorities said.

David J. Renz abducted the school librarian and her daughter as they left a gymnastics class at a mall in the Syracuse suburb of Clay, about 150 miles west of Albany, on Thursday night, state law enforcement officials said Friday.

Renz bound both victims, raped the girl and drove a short distance to a spot where the girl escaped and was found by a passing motorist, troopers said.

The motorist told 911 dispatchers he saw a “white” male running away from the scene, allowing authorities to quickly send in officers on the ground and a sheriff's helicopter in the air. Renz was caught a short time later near a wooded area.

It was unclear how the girl escaped or when her mother was killed, authorities said.

“We're still trying to piece the timeline together,” Trooper Jack Keller said.

The girl was being treated at a hospital Friday. Her mother died from multiple stab wounds.

Renz, 29, had been charged in January with possession of child pornography and allowed to remain free under terms that included staying off the Internet and away from places including schools, parks and arcades. He lost his job at a supermarket, moved in with his mother and hadn't been able to find other work after his arrest, according to court documents. Federal authorities said he cut his electronic monitoring device off his ankle shortly before Thursday's attacks.

Renz was arraigned Friday on murder, rape and kidnapping charges and was held without bail. The lawyer assigned to his case, Ken Moynihan, didn't return a call seeking comment.

According to an FBI criminal complaint, agents who went to the North Syracuse apartment where Renz was living in June found in his bedroom four computers that he told them he used to view adult pornography.

Agent Alix Skelton said Renz eventually admitted using the Internet for the past six years to download child porn to a drive on one of the machines, which he turned over to the agents. Technicians determined in November that it had an encrypted hard drive, and Skelton said Renz provided the encryption key. Agents reviewing the drive in December found about 100 gigabytes of child porn comprising more than 500 videos and more than 3,000 images, according to the complaint.

Among the images were two showing sex acts involving prepubescent girls, said Skelton, a member of a unit that targets people involved in online exploitation of children.

Renz was charged on Jan. 9 in federal court with possession of child pornography. On Jan. 29, a judge granted a prosecutor's request for an extension of the time required for grand jury action so investigators could continue going over “numerous items of electric media” for additional evidence.

Renz, who authorities said had no prior criminal record, was released after agreeing to stay at home at night with an electronic monitor and away from any place he might encounter children.

But Renz removed the monitor, Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney John Duncan said. Federal probation officials were investigating what happened, including whether Renz was able to get around an alert that is supposed to go off if the ankle bracelet is removed, he said.

Late Friday afternoon, state troopers turned Renz over to federal authorities, who will hold him for violating the terms of his release, court documents said.

Duncan said the cases against him will continue in federal and state courts.

The federal public defenders lawyer assigned to Renz in the child porn case, James Greenwald, did not return a call seeking comment Friday.

Look at this diabolical beast. Hide your kids is written all over his face.

More ugliness of David Renz a sick subspecies and a savage who prey on innocent children.
David J Renz is an example of an inbred hick who comes from a family where his uncles and parents fucked eachothers and producing inbred offsprings. Inbreeding should be punishable by death or torture.

Jagan Joy had the joy of doing incest to his bunny fucking raping wife (sister) of his...
Jagan Joy's trailer park trash house with his shitbox truck parked near it.

Inbreeding and abusing meth or other hard drugs is not the answer.
Now they've done it!!! They became hickier and inbredier that they give the white man a bad name

This is for you the facebook group called
"Being proud of my White heritage does not make me racist"
facebook group...

They claim to be not racist but they are soo filled with hate, racism, pro apartheid, right wing, especially far-right.
So Being proud of my White heritage DOES make me racist..
Why is racist???
Because of history of colonization, genocide, racism, oppressing other races and trying to convert to our culture.

And again this belongs to AMERICAN WHITE HISTORY MONTH and racist TEA PARTY MOVEMENT,

After they spend eternity of inbreeding they started to go apeshit and becoming dumber.


Even hicks can be emo sometimes.

Inbred hicks inbreeding with their siblings and then interbreeding with chimpanzees and or bonobos.

Baby hick

An inbred hick with no morals.

Women from an inbred family having too much sex with dogs tends to turn into men.
Here is an example.

Police: ABQ Woman Poisons Boyfriend, Roommate After Caught Having Sex with a German Shepherd

Source :
Think you're having a bad day? 

Trust me, it could be worse.

A 53-year-old Albuquerque woman is accused of trying to poison her roommate and boyfriend with toilet bowler cleaner and rubbing alcohol after getting caught having sex with one of the roommate's two German shepherds, Spike,  reports the ABQ Journal. 

According to deputies, back in July Shari Walters' roommate caught Walters having sex with one of her two German shepherds in the shed at the two's shared home. The roommate was "shocked" at what she discovered (who wouldn't?), according to the criminal complaint. 

The roommate then told Walters' boyfriend what she had seen and the boyfriend ended the relationship. 

For some unknown reason, the boyfriend and the roommate decided to have dinner with Walters that same evening. They noticed the water they were drinking was strangely colored and that the food tasted odd. 

When they complained about minor symptoms, Walters told them that she had laced their dinner with toilet bowl cleaner and rubbing alcohol. Walters then went on to tell her boyfriend and roommate that she had been having sex with dogs since she was 14.

Walters now faces several charges of animal cruelty and intent to commit a violent felony. She's being held on a $20,000 cash bail. 

Both German shepherds had minor injuries and one of had "unusual symptoms" that cold indicate sexual abuse, according to a vet that examined them. 

The roommate and the boyfriend are expected to be OK.

Duck Dynasty are an example of inbreeding, incest,
15 years old marriage and pedophilia.

Fake how about a redneck family and these bearded hillbillies.
Talking about how masturbation & homosexuality are wrong but not about pedophilia & inbreeding being wrong.

They are the same person.?

He is a pedophile because the book tells him.

Yeah man or even better get a fucking shave, dammit.

Duck bigotry. btw Phil Robertson is sucking a plastic penis.
Confederate flag ban made the GOP removed their Halloween suit and revealed themselves as the KKK
So it looks like the GOP finally removed their Halloween suit and revealed that the Republican party are actually the KuKluxKlan since all the butthurt RepubliKKKlans are defending that white supremacist flag.
Always remember, all hicks are racist.

The republican party protesting.

More like White trash power.
Or even more like White trash powerless.
Or even even more like White trash powerlessness.

Their RIGHT for inbreeding.

Even Shawn (D)ick. Farrell love being a KKK member... He's an American-wannabe Canadian.

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