PAGE 2 . Since page one was starting to get a bit too clogged.
Its quite old but it shows a female trapper from alaska want to increase her profit

TOTALLY SHOCKING!!!!  But is not sure it will happen, if it does happen that shows that Paul Dobbins is more money hugging thief than we thought!!
Trapperman being crackdown!! It shows i and other AR are right that trappers want to rip money off of you to keep their cruel tradition running, DO NOT JOIN THIS AWFUL FORUM..... See HERE.

One of my friend saw a post on trapperman a few months ago (now deleted) and say the owner got rich from trapping, Man that really show that unemployed man got rich from trapping and selling his expensive rip-off merchandise to preserve the torture of animals.. Trappers are the world's biggest liars, They say is not for profit we do it yeah right!! All the evidents are over there take a look of their filth.

In the 80s when fur price crashed trappers nearly went extinct.
Now when the price went back trappers started again "PROFIT"

Heres something shocking why more N more yotes with mange occur HERE
Trappers often claim to make less than 300$ a year but look Tim Wilcock made nearly 600$ from mass slaughtering animals.
35.00$ USD for his videos which means is a bit more than 43$CND
+ The shipping it get quite pricey 40$ USD..
Who the hell will spend that kind of money for these sick videos. All
that man do is keep this money to himself and his group "PROFIT".
NOTE: This is NOT a store, I do NOT sell traps. If you wonder why the "prices"
Is to show trappers rather use the cheapest traps possible to capture animals for more profit and pain to the animal in the name of economic and profit.
R Means the price is lower than normal

Trappers rather buy cheap traps than the more humane trap known as cage trap, here's an example▼. Note the bigger in size the more pricey is, this shows small common traps price. Also the price can depend on
the brand. Trappers use the money they make for profit and to buy fun stuff faster.


The Simple Squirrel trap
measures 17"L x 3"W x 4"H. The trap is constructed of 1" x .5"
Squirrel Controller
3.5"H x 3.5"W x 10"L and is made entirely of .5" x 1"
Squirrel Controller
5" x 1" mesh. It is 5"H x 5"W x 12"L
For squirrels of all types
Safeguard 15" x 5" x 5" cage trap
For squirrels of all types, chipmunks, weasel, etc.
Safeguard 18" x 5" x 5" cage trap
Multi-Catch Squirrel Trap
4" x 4" x 17" and is constructed of 1" x .5" mesh
The "Special" Squirrel Trap
18"L x 5"W x 5"H,
1/2" x 1/2" galvanized mesh
for Squirrels of all types, chipmunks, Rats, etc.
Safeguard 18" x 5" x 5" cage trap with the Slide
Wickencamp "Zero-clearance" Squirrel trap
5"W x 5"H x 23"L. It is constructed of 1" x .5" mesh
Live Trapping Otter
Live Trap Large Model 6481 1 Door 16 x 16 x 48
Havahart Raccoon Cage Trap #2A
30" x 7" x 7".
Havahart Raccoon Trap #3
32" x 10" x 12".
Raccoons and Dogs.
Small Dog/ Coyote
48 x 20 x 26
$80.00 to $100.00
These traps has no jaws.

Q: If they have no jaws then why cruel?
A: I saw on their site certain trap size may cause small finger bruises.
invisibilityTEXTURE.gifThe problem is trap can cause bruise to animal legs because their
invisibilityTEXTURE.giflegs are smaller and less strong than our hands and foot, Let say a
invisibilityTEXTURE.gifcoyote leg is smaller than our leg, under their fur their skin get hit
invisibilityTEXTURE.gifby the closing toothless jaws, If this would close on a rat leg it would
invisibilityTEXTURE.gifprobably break it. Or for weaker traps it blocks the blood flow, cuts blood supply
invisibilityTEXTURE.gif(about the same as dropping an hammer on your fingers from few cm high it will cause a bruise)
Q: Why i see no blood nor bruise?
A: Because (for the blood) there's no teeth, (For the bruise) You cannot
invisibilityTEXTURE.gifsee the bruise through their fur same as getting hit on the head, the
invisibilityTEXTURE.gifhair hide the bruise on the head, Trappers will say its not true that
invisibilityTEXTURE.gifthe trap may cause bruise depend on the force of the impact because
invisibilityTEXTURE.gifthey don't care animal all they want is them dead. Note it depend on
invisibilityTEXTURE.gifthe strength, the bigger it is, the harder it closes..

a_line.jpg a_line.jpg
Bridger #1.65 double coil spring trap. $8.50
Bridger #1.65 double coil spring offset trap. $8.50
Bridger #2 double coil spring trap. $10.50
Bridger #2 double coil spring trap with offset jaws $10.60
Bridger #3 double coil spring trap with offset jaws. $12.80
Bridger #3 double coil spring trap. $12.70
Bridger #5 double coil spring trap with 4 coil kit installed. $23.80
Bridger #5 coil spring offset trap with 4 coil kit installed. $26.40
You see these cruel traps are cheaper than cage traps..
Some even use Snare which is more cruel than leghold.
Here's some evidence that in Alaska toothed traps are still legal in Alaska, The most inhumane traps ever existed. One of my friend sent me this reply.

Toothed traps are still legal in Alaska. Although they may seem more
cruel than a non toothed trap, they may be better in some instances
because they immobilze an animal's foot and do not allow it to slide
in the trap and cut into the animal. I hope this answers your

-- Tim C. Peltier
They immobilize their foot because they suffer soo much.
Trappers have ZERO care for animals, all they want is to kill them and skin them.
The best way to show the public about trappers who trap for profit is doing like
"below". Some trappers have big mouth and will say they trap for a living or trap
for fun and profit to make several extra hundred of dollars. Because the trappers
that are more aware will lie and say they make less money so the public think
they don't trap for profit. All trappers care is a tradition of the ice age and money.
Trappers with a big mouth are maybe the enemies, but they can be the key to spread the truth to the public and show they are the world's biggest liars.
Some of my friends will have a chat with random trappers and send it
This powerful tool will help to spread the truth about trappers. If you have a conversation with one please send me a screenshot or the saved convo etc..
NOTE: Any convos with death threats, sexual and mean content will be rejected
Trapping and profit convo P1 (The sender asked me to keep his name anonymous)
Heres his screen shot of his chat =(CLICK HERE)=
[Quote] This guy made 10,000$ in the past before the collapse in the mid 80s
Trapping and profit convo P2 (The sender asked me to keep his name anonymous)
Heres his screen shot of his chat =(CLICK HERE)=
[Quote] More evidence that older trapper make more $$$ and spend to get
stuff faster, same as killing to get money to buy a new ATV faster for example
Trapping and profit convo P3 (The sender asked me to keep his name anonymous)
Heres his screen shot of his chat =(CLICK HERE)=
[Quote] Similar to 1 and 2 a bit, some say trappers make only couple of
hundred dollars, but they make several hundreds to thousands in 1 season.
In the past they make more than 10,000$ in 1 season, all the money they use
is for profit and buy good stuff faster such as ATV, race motocross and more.
If he meant a coon who chew his leg off read!! or otherwise ignore this message..
That prove certain different leghold trap model or (
'Lil' Grizz Get'rz) that claim to be chew-proof but it can fail sometime. I'm sure his that failed was a cheap brand, which it shows that trapper spend on the cheapest trap possible (leghold) to have more profit money. Probably this poor coon will bleed to death, suffer a lot and die.
Some claim animal don't chew when they are not numb, but panic can make them chew off, I saw pic of trapped animal and theres a circle of dirt in the snow like digging. These animal struggle to get out until they are tired, some may sleep or some may chew out even some may get killed by predation. Same when you hold a mice, frog or a small mammal by their leg they panic like hell. I bet having a coon by three toe is painful.

Author l*l t*****r b*y
Icon 9 posted 01-22-2005 08:47 PM      Profile for lil trapper boy     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
I had a coon chew out of lil griz. I thought that they were 100% chew proof. guess not don't waste your money on them. I went to check them and I see it's throw but there is no coon. any of yall had this happen. mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif

[ 01-22-2005, 07:37 PM: Message edited by: l*l t*****r b*y ]

L**e J****n

Author P**e B******s
Icon 1 posted 01-22-2005 09:11 PM      Profile for Pete Billings     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Bet a dollar to a donut wasn't a chew out by a coon . They don't chew above where they are caught . If the swivels were bound up and they broke a leg they sometimes can twist out .

Even the best tool in the world isn't fool proof .


(picture wont be displayed.)
Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the Ark. Professionals, on the other hand, built the Titanic.
Author y**e_t*******7
Icon 1  posted 01-22-2005 09:11 PM      Profile for yote_trapper17     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
I not sure I believe they say they are dog proof. But don't think they say they are chew proof. I would be willing to buy ur lil griz off ya. [Wink]

Drifter up there makes a good point. The only reason any animal ever chews out is because of the foot becoming numb. They don't chew where they can feel still.

[ 01-22-2005, 07:13 PM: Message edited by: y**e_t*******7 ]

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??? and ???
*A friend will come bail you out of jail, But a true friend will be sitting there next to you saying "Dude, I think we screwed up."
Author f*******y
Icon 1 posted 01-22-2005 10:14 PM      Profile for fishdaddy     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
i have 1 lill grizz and only set it once and had a coon the next morning only had him by 3 toes.

This person bought a used truck with his profit money he made and hes under 18
See photo
I think grizz trap were invented not long ago not sure.. If is new they test all kind of new cruel methods that often fail and injure animal pretty badly.
Author D*n W***.

Icon 1 posted 01-29-2005 09:53 AM      Profile for Don Wolf.     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
I have used the grizz since the time it came on the market. My partner and I own 6 doz. of the grizz. In the last 4 years we have had 3 coon that had hurt them selfs pretty badly. This has been out of about 500 coon caught. We have been useing the griz on drowners though. One coon did get away, due to the trap being frozen to the ground. The other 2 had gotten tangled in some rubbish on the bottom and did not make it down the drowner.

D*n W**f
It is true trappers is for money and they trap for profit... Their lies finally will fail and the truth revealed!! everything in red means profit source.. Being soo obsess on money, traps and slaughtering animals for money is not normal, whats fun about being vile and violent, people like that have no rights to exist they just waste our environment and earth's last remaining space..

Author t****1
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Icon 1 posted 12-19-2005 10:04 PM      Profile for tap_21     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
I know exactly how you feel I always try to get people involved it doesn't matter if it takes a little bit away from me thats fine. I like being outside and I already realize I can't make a killing at this so I might as well get people involved. Although I think the real problem isn't the lack of people willing to trap its the lack of places for the fur to go. We need to concentrate more on bringing fur prices up. I mean I know that you can't change the weather to make countries buy more fur, but I think we need to find more sources to distribute fur and help make the market strong again.
Author t******n
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The number of trappers will increase as the price of fur increases, and vice versa. You guys probably weren't around in the late 70's early 80's when a coon or mink was worth a good day's wages. Back then everyone knew that if you trapped a coon or mink you could make $40 or so. When the price of fur goes up, you will see trappers coming out of the woodwork. You will also start losing traps and fur to thieves. Be thankful there aren't many trappers out there right now. The present environment makes trapping much more enjoyable.
Author F*********x
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Why shoot them? Use a choke pole and don't risk damaging the pelt or the specimen. Esp. a central cat where the extra money from selling them as specmens really counts.Posts: 1250 | From: Midwest  |  IP: Logged | 
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Maybe someone should choke him and see how it feels, strangulation is more inhumane that shows trappers don't giva a damn animal all they care is money, they rather inflict more pain to the animal for more money

Author J***s
"Frostbite Jimmy"
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Icon 1 posted 01-19-2006 08:36 PM      Profile for James     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Someone lied to me. They said I could make money catching and selling fur.


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He started because of money and hes trying to lie out of it by saying that someone lied to him that he could make money,  Him and that someone trap for extra money and profit, why fur cost soo much is because they use you for making lots and lots of money and the trapper earns a few 100 to 1000 in profit or more.
Author b*******x
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The first time was during the fur boom, and I was trapping for cash... needed cash to go to college, and for spending money....

Second time, about 1997, was to keep the bobcats from eating up my Mother and Dad's lamb crop, plus it got under my skin, just like it did before... It helped me make it through some tough times...

Vaya con Dios,

Good Luck and God Bless You and Yours,


Posts: 1719 | From: Robert Lee, TX  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Now heres a fat greedy animal hating person, he hate animals soo badly he rather earn money by killing them, me i would rather find an alternative non-violent way to goto college if i would be him, like hes living in the third world country, that show trappers do it for the money and most of them lie out of it..
Author A*C
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Icon 10 posted 01-19-2006 11:58 PM      Profile for ADC     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
For the money, fame, glory, and all the women want ya. Just like a Rock Star. [Big Grin]

www.************.com [Smile]

Posts: 4205 | From: Iowa  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Another money hugging wacko, he rather be abusive and violent to animals for money, fame?? an other loner that want attention, let say a sick person killed a president, he get all over the net and known to the world.  The killer killed the president for fame and be known to the world as the most evil person, and as for ADC, he want fame by killing nonhuman species.
w***r p****m
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Thats why its important for us to educate the public. The farmer may not be aware of animal damage control work, trapping seasons, or that raccoon fur is valuable to trappers. They are simply taking care of a problem that is costing them money. Therefore, to the farmer this is "common sense".

Marty, you may want to rethink your approach to the situation. If corn is present, most likely coons are going to return. This spot could be a potential gold mine for you. With trappable lands decreasing (at least in my area) you could add another spot to your trapline, allow you to do some ADC work, and she may cut you a deal on some beef if you do well there.


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail" -John Wooden

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Another money hugging loser, They only use kill methods because of money (in red letters), theres non-kill methods available to discourage animals from raiding farm lands..
And again and as usualy, they trap for the money and don't giva crap about wildlife.. Same for post below.
A*a L***n
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Nice pictures! They bring back memories of my long weasel lines when I was a kid. Always loved trapping the weasels and made good money at it for a kid in the era. Ace
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c******m t*****r
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I do agree with you on rats they are a nice fur but i would have to say that mink are my fav fairly easy to catch and easy to skin and worth a good buck...

rats-10 two eaten by mink
"I don`t got a dime, but what I got is mine, I aint rich but Lord im free." (George Strait)!!!!

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A shoutbox comment : That shows he love to kill for sport. profit and fun, theres no such things as controlling population if you kill healthy animals mostly and making money. A true conservationist don't earn profit and don't kill.

anselman [7:31:49 PM] (IP : 69.66.21*.***)
You antis will never win so get over it.I made $4,000 dollars this season trapping and love every minute of it.
#2740 - 12/24/06 05:06 PM crittergitter65 can you make a living trapping?

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Loc: perry co. pa.
was just talking about this last night,and how hard it would be (if even possible)to make a living trapping, with the fur market the way it has been for so long and the price of everything else going up.
so the question is, do you or anyone you know make a living just trapping? if so do you trap more than one state? target one animal, or several different ones? how many settings on average would this take?
just curious if was possible to still make a living doing nothing but trapping,and how hard it would be.(very hard i'm sure)

thanks for your replies, L*e

Trappers lie, once they say even if they trap a lot they make peanuts, FALSE!!! they make profit.
Texas Trapper Re: can you make a living trapping? [Re: c*****n]     #2930 - 12/24/06 06:14 PM
T***s T*****r

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Originally Posted By: c*****n
it can happen..ive seen it first hand

You saying that made me remember. I read an article in a trapper and predator caller magazine that made his living trapping and supported his family with the paycheck. A guy gave me a couple of his old ones. They were from 1999. Not sure what month.
Formerly t********y'93

#2963 - 12/24/06 06:30 PM Creek Re: can you make a living trapping? [Re: c*****n]

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My area has to much mange to make a living off of trapping. If there was no mange it would be possible.
Member, NotToBeShown

This also shows they trap for money, I was right they trap the healthy because it has value and sick hardly worth anything.
#3049 - 12/24/06 07:25 PM il.trapper Re: can you make a living trapping? [Re: B*****a]

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1000 coon @12.00= 12000
500 beav@20.00 = 10000
1000 Rats at 7.00= 7000

Total 29000

Can ya catch that many of each? How many do ya know that can?

And this is before ya take out for over head. Throw in all the yotes, fox, cats, otter, and other fur ya can catch and ya still aint gonna do much livin. It is a good to great second income, but I would hate to live off it. I love it to death, but the way I am more or less forced to live, I caint do it. I wish everyday I could, but nope, just don't see it happenin.
Take a youngun outdoors...ya will both learn

Mass slaughter for 29k, those lunatic people can't find a real job.
Below, as usual is all about money.
#3055 - 12/24/06 07:30 PM canvasback Re: can you make a living trapping? [Re: i*.t*****r]

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You can make a fair living being a Government trapper for the USDA. I think they make around $35,000 to $40,000 a year plus benefits.
I check my traps twice a day :-)

#3136 - 12/24/06 08:18 PM beaverpeeler Re: can you make a living trapping? [Re: G*****y]

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Pure necessity can make you a better trapper. Fur prices go down? Catch more.

I farm in the summer, but my winter income has been my fur check for the last 25 years. If you can average $25 on beaver (completely do-able at this years projected prices) you only need to catch 6 (and put up 6) a day to average $4500 gross per month. It takes me 2 -3 hours typically to handle that amount of fur. It takes me 4 hours or less of trapline time to catch that amount. Do the math. Fur trapping can make you a solid living if you learn to put up your own fur and learn how to run a time efficient trapline, and live in a state blessed with good trapping conditions.
Beaver will shine again!

#3200 - 12/24/06 08:44 PM GUTPYLZ Re: can you make a living trapping? [Re: T*****r J*e]

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You can make a living Trapping. Just depends on what your standard of living is. Some people can live off of 24 grand a year or less. There are some Cat trappers that probably could. They take 150 to 200 or more cats. Throw in some Greys and Yotes with that.

A Mans True Character, Is Defined In Times Of Adversity, Not Through Everyday Life!

#3222 - 12/24/06 09:01 PM Trapper Joe Re: can you make a living trapping? [Re: b**********r]
T*****r J*e

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I don't think I could keep up with you trapping beaver, Peeler!

Now if I could catch 100 western cats at $300 each, that's $30,000 and nice scenery to boot!

Re: $$$$$ And Trappin [Re: M**e f**m OK]          #365277 - 10/10/07 06:47 AM
T****n' C***n Offline

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there are certain animals that have zero thrill for me as well and catching them is strictly for profit. i have just about gave up all hunting because there is no thrill left in that either. you do something long enough and things change.
"no where to be found"


Re: $$$$$ And Trappin [Re: M*****r C****r]       #365063 - 10/09/07 10:19 PM 
M**e f**m OK Offline

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My financial situation has changed from what it was in season's past. I now have more free time but less income.

You better believe this season that I will try and turn a profit on a weekly basis.

However, I plan on having the time of my life while doing it.



Re: $$$$$ And Trappin [Re: l**o]                             #365033 - 10/09/07 10:07 PM
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I trap for fun and money.Lets be honest,we all do.


#459671 - Yesterday at 07:43 AM timrose Re: PETA attacks the Olsen Twins [Re: L*******d]
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I agree we should work on Promoting Fur.....the demand for Fur will keep Trapping strong.

Is true profit from fur keep trapping strong and they say if fur worth nothing they will continue. They lie as always, fur + money = keep trapping strong.

#522469 - Yesterday at 06:06 PM tbn Re: releasing female bobcats [Re: b*d]
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Typically,here in my part of Kansas you can go back to the same areas every year and catch cats. And no I don't let cats loose. That is like throwing $75 or $100 away each time. As with coons and other animals, they will filter back in next year.I caught 7 behind my house 3 years ago and they are back there again.
Very few trappers will release an animal, but most wouldn't because of PROFIT!!!
22 feb 2008
#593837 - Yesterday at 07:17 PM centraliowa Re: End of the season $$$$ Profit [Re: D**e P*****r]
c*********a Offline

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D**e I agree with you. If fur had no value I would not trap, I don't need to kill anything just to see if I can do it. I also am not giving my fur away, I shop around to the fur buyers and get the best price I can. I trap for money!

22 feb 2008
#592710 - Yesterday at 07:33 AM Dave Plueger Re: End of the season $$$$ Profit [Re: K*****l]
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I know very well that everyone doesnt trap full time and I'm happy they dont but you are missing my point. For 95% of trappers, money is ONE of the reasons they trap. It may not be the sole reason but it is a factor none the less. Your own statement proves that. You said during the fur boom theft was a big problem. Why? because of MONEY. You also said that when the fur boom ended trapper numbers dropped. Once again, why? Because of MONEY. I'm not saying its right or wrong, just a fact of the industry.
Money wasted                                                     #828977 - Yesterday at 05:32 AM 
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In the last two weeks, I've seen 3 fox ran over at one crossing and 2 at another. I had plans for these fox $$$$$$.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass..Its learning to dance in the rain.....

See the second person is useless he rely on fur and mass slaughter to survive. He's nothing but a surplus in human population and he need to be disposed
. Trapping is all about profit and those subhuman uneducated losers still denys it.
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I am a Trapping Mentor
I am a Trapping Mentor

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 7:20 am    Post subject: This ain't good. Reply with quote
Cannot display the link to this filthy site
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:shock:well dang... the way the fur economy is going, even the barefoot hillbilly kid (me) will be be unemployed Crying or Very sad

"If ya can't fix it with balin' wire and duct tape, you might as well throw it away" - Mama

2 months till coon season!! Razz
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Tan 'em and sell them . You'll make more money.
Those who trade liberty for security shall have neither.

An armed man is a citizen, an unarmed man is a subject.

"Take ye heed,watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is".
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L**E G****N
I am a Trapping Mentor
I am a Trapping Mentor
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 7:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Let me give Corey a call he is there rep in Idaho.....maybe he can shed some light on it.....

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I am a Trapping Mentor
I am a Trapping Mentor

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My take on it [not that you aked Embarassed ] is possibly the fur auction doesn't want to have a low priced sale that could turn off trappers early and then they would lose more furs to sell. Idea
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That was the rumer I heard too, Trappintime. I guess all we can do is hope for the best Rolling Eyes
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I am a Trapping Mentor

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f*****9 wrote:
That was the rumer I heard too, Trappintime. I guess all we can do is hope for the best Rolling Eyes

fuzz 6,000,000 Jews went to the camps hoping for the best Shocked, you on the other hand have already been proactive in finding other markets for your furs[which is a great thing]. I don't think there will be a lot of buyers for our furs until the economy improves and people start spending money on higher end fur garments again. I won't be sending any to nafa this year as my way of protesting their move[boy thats going to hurt them] and maybe I won't sell through them ever Confused
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#1404479 - 07/05/09 12:56 PM Re: Wild Fur Shortage [ Re: B****E ]
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What will kill Trapping quicker than the Anti's?

No Market/Low fur prices

Yes, we should be able to set mins on our articles. We are the suppliers.
Getting trappers to strike for better returns would be a daunting task. _________________________

Top Most of those idiots deny that no market / low price will kill off trapping. Good thing I searched google cache to gind this long deleted thread (probably from the admins cus it would hurt trappers)
They posted the truth that 100% trapping means profit and and kill the healthy and keep the sick out to make more disease. Trappers DO spread wildlife disease and potential dangerous to human and blame animals for it. What a bunch of uneducated asshole pricks.
#1404492 - 07/05/09 01:10 PM Re: Wild Fur Shortage [ Re: t*****e ]
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Jim Spencer
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Originally Posted By: t*****e What will kill Trapping quicker than the Anti's?

No Market/Low fur prices

Right on the money, Tim (pun intended.) We all say we're in it for more than just the $$$$, but look how far trapping activity falls off the year after we have a sudden sharp drop in raw fur prices. Those of us who get out there anyway this fall are going to see a noticeable reduction in competition from our fellow trappers, I guarantee it. It takes a year for the word to get out, but that year is now past, and the word is out: fur prices stink. There'll be lots of used traps on the market this fall, and lots more hanging in barns and sheds waiting for higher prices.
"Non illegitimitas carborundum." --- Don't let the b*****ds wear you down.
Indeed trapping is all about money.
#1404536 - 07/05/09 01:47 PM Re: Wild Fur Shortage [ Re: G*****y ]
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Dave Plueger
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I agree 100% that money drives the fur industry. Never said anything to the contrary. My point was that trapping solely for the money is not the image we want the general population to believe. If trappers quit for a season strictly to raise prices (which will never happen) and the public caught wind of it you can bet that people would be screaming for the end of trapping as we know it to cease. Exploitation of wildlife strictly for monetary return does not sit well with your average soccer mom. Stopping our trapping activities for one season in hopes of raising prices would give them exactly that image.
Trapping IS solely for money and is the image general should see and know that trapping is for profit, mass murder for money. Exploiting animal is totally unacceptable in the modern world and those stupid rewinded prehystoric assholes lack in the brains to realise this because of money and arousal toward animal pain.

Looks like this idiot probably betrayed trappers and reveal that he DOES trap for money.
#1404597 - 07/05/09 02:59 PM Re: Wild Fur Shortage [ Re: D**e P*****r ]
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Dave, Please tell me why I should hide the fact that I may make a dollar off of fur trapping.I do trap for the reasons you posted,but I also try to make a buck if I can.The average soccer mom has no idea why we trap ,and as far as getting our message to the soccer mom over the past 30 years we have failed.I see no reason to hide the fact that I try and make a dollar,and if anything I think it has hurt us in getting our message out to the main stream public.I will never hide the fact fron anyone that I may profit from trapping........Ringtailtrapper
#1404603 - 07/05/09 03:07 PM Re: Wild Fur Shortage [ Re: r*************r ]
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The fact is, without an income component to trapping, there probably wouldn't be any trapping. Management of fur bearer populations is a benefit of trapping, but it isn't the purpose. The garbage man doesn't pick up my garbage every Tuesday because he's worried about disease and has some kind of calling to collect my garbage and save humanity. He does it to make money. A benefit of the garbage man's desire to make money is that our garbage is picked up and we don't have the spread of disease like they had in the Middle Ages.
Top Looks like this idiot told the truth that if there is no income trapping wouldn't exist. Yes trapping is all about profit and those shit faces NTA lied again saying even if fur is worthless we still trap. For real if fur is worthless they quit trap and is human need management not wildlife. Those humanocentric Christians freaks doesn't realize it.
#1404634 - 07/05/09 03:42 PM Re: Wild Fur Shortage [ Re: B****E ]
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don Wolf
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Every trapper that can afford it,should buy his wife a fur coat. If your a lady trapper buy your husband a fur coat. All buyers should buy their wife a fur coat. If we all did this it would be great for advertisement in the U.S and also help coat sales. My wife owns a nice beaver coat I bought for her 4 years ago and I am going to own either a coyote or a coon coat in the future.
Top Trappers claim to make money to save wildlife. FALSE. They blow it on merchandise with fancy crap. I saw many photo of their house they have expensive crap and blow their cash on expensive fur coat for their whoric wifes or bastard husbands dipshit. People like that are the surplus in human population and are a bucnh of low lives.