Also known as why trapperman is cruel?
Imaging something with ZERO animal welfare, obsession to harvest, cheating polls, using the cheapest methods to preserve the fur, little to no blood you know whacking, stomping, drowning, strangling and supporting things they don't do such as animal testing, clubbing baby seals, whaling, shark finning, poaching vulnerable and or endangered species because the government allows it, trappers and other sportsmen lack in the decency and brain, they're careless and apathy. If let say the republican hick senator allows to harvest every endangered species. trappers will do it because they don't care, all they care is money because they are all lobbyists and profiteers. If you love animals you wouldn't trap or support trapping in anyshape and or form. Especially foothold, leghold, snares, conibear, drowners and etc.
BUT Using cage trap to relocate animals or evaluate the species health are ok. But sport trapping is wrong, is indulging in sadism and having the pleasure over the suffering. Trappers believes in this stewardship nonsense. We always see them saying god put animals for us. Is why their religion is bad if is the case, I despise speciesist religions.
They claim to be conservationist which aren't. They only care for something they can harvest for our own selfish benefit. Why sportsmen claim to be conservationists never help species habitat with non-huntable species?? (HERE)
Traps are cruel as always, here is a sample from site (HERE), You will find a LOT more on here.
Now back to topic.
Welcome to the truth about trappers, Now lets go behind the curtain. This part of my site will teach you all about it.

Before you jump into conclusion. This is NOT any news from, PETA, ALF, ELF or other sites A large percentage of all the news are written by me and collected by me and my friends who took them from trapper's forums. Thanx to. rv, rpm, Acidrain, ar, PVC and others for sharing all the needed info on it. This page will play a role as a powerful tool to teach the public about trappers and show some illegal activity they do sometime and harm they do to the animal kingdom. People may say "Ohhh you take stuff from ARA news and or sites". WRONG. I take it from the trappers site and or forums. If I see something from ARA groups. I will research on my own, look into sportsmen and other trappers forums before I put it on here. I am not trying to call ARA liars. The best way to fight against trappers is to provide evidence with sources, such as ripping off their threads from their forums. Including sourceful links so incase if the post deletes (axed by mods), Decays with age or other factor, we still have the evidence that would hurt trappers with their own words and or cruel images. So we don't live in caves anymore.

Also trappers call non-trappers (neutral) uneducated people. It prove these hicks think they are better than others. If I would be a neutral and someone calls me uneducated, screw you I would depise you for calling me uneducated stupid trappers. I would NEVER respect egoistical people who thinks they are better than other. Is why I hate hicks a lot.
NOTE: This site's author has ZERO responsibility of putting trappers in trouble for injuring nontargets, trapping in nonseason and even poaching due to his posting mistake (accidentally showing his/her darkside) also have the public giving them bad names etc.

Also I put these Q and A because some stupid trappers accuses me of being anti-pet, anti-zoo and anti-meat etc.
Q: What you say about owning pets?
A: As long the pets are not abused it is okay.

Q: What you say about circus
A: Circus are cruel and unfair to animals.

Q: What you say about zoos
A: Zoos are helping to save species and educating people about species. Also teaching to conserve them.

Q: Do you eat meat?
A: I do but I am not a heavy meat eater, I don't eat KFC chicken (USED TO) (obsoleted in light brown)
A2: For 01-01-2012 resolution I became an lacto-ovo vegetarian but I don't oppose people from eating meat. I'm the
same me. But I vehemently oppose people eating dog/cat meat and horse meat as always even when I "used"
to eat chickens and meats (not horses nor pets). Diet change does NOT change my conscious nor awareness.

Q: What do you say about lab testing on animal
A: its totally cruel and cowardly I rather have myself tested (volunteer) than an innocent animal abused.

More about my views on animal testing and what is or should be used instead of cruel animal testing (HERE)?
Animals never done anything horric as murderers, rapists and horrible people such as Shoko Asahara, James Holmes
Charles Manson, Anders Behring Breivik, David Berkowitz and Luka Magnotta. People like that should be used for drugs and chemical testing instead of innocent animals. Why pay your tax money to feed these scumbags and trashs?
People like that I would never feel any remorse nor sympathy toward them. In my views we should use them (HERE)

Q: What do you say about rodeos
A: Its sick and abusive to animal for fun.

The page (THE TRUTH ABOUT TRAPPERS) is frequently updated, its a bit like a news page sorta..
Way you'll see a video from API that will reveal the truth behind the trappers, what they don't say to people.

I can call the improved version of it, making it less crazy stuff and less vulgar. Some bad words may still be around but reduced a lot. The old one will still be around but seperated from here...
This just in. I'm sure ill get many "Hate mails from trappers" For this site's area.
..=The Vintage Inbred Zone=..
...---Misc lies from trappers---...
Most of them thinks 100% of animal rights are terrorists, bombers, arsonist but they are wrong they wanna think they are the hero. I'm an AR and I'm NOT an arsonist, nor a bomber and nor a terrorist. People who do terrorist and etc like that have too much free time and trying to give AR bad names. you do NOT bomber places you don't like it will instantly kill your reputation and making you a terrorist. Terrorism is soo lame. I have posted this because some bitch idiot named lil' bit aka Elizabeth email-harassed me by claiming I threaten her, hacked her and trying to blow up her house. I kept telling her I'm NOT a terrorist, nor a bomber, nor an arsonist and nor murder. It shows lil' bit Elizabeth is just an overreacting paranoid inbred idiot and she just want attention and trying to wreck people's public images. She is doing that because I reveal the truth about trappers. she claim the site has terrorist plans such as bombarding her house, hacking her etc but all this are FALSE, I don't hack people, I don't threat people, I don't bomb people arses off. She is just trying to make me look bad because of this site. There is NO bomb threats, hack threats etc. You can see for yourself. Elizabeth LaRue is a total hermit who started all this poaching harassment. Also Elizabeth LaRue is a disabled woman with reaction formation having unprotected sex with guys older than her. Yes she had her first child at 14 or 15.
What would be the future of mankind and if animals were bipedal and expressing their view against human. A FICTION STORY BUT TRUE.
True as trapping is cruel and fictional because these creatures aren't human in the video.
Make sure popup blocker for this site is off because it will not work. Plus it uses ActiveX and there is NO malicious popups and viruses on this domain. I use Norton and google shows this section and it is CLEAN no threats.
The new window it will pop is NOT malicious.
Trappers WILL hide and or crop a video document of an animal getting caught and struggling int raps for 1-5 hours or more.
As soon we expose these LIARS!!!
Most trappers are soo stupid
Trappers position on animals
Futher more stupidity from trappers and this stalker.
Trappers are even stupider than stupid!!!
About the section and what is all about?
Traps are truly bone crushing, This shows AR tells the truth and who denies it are brainless inbred hicks. A stupid trapper posted it on Trapperman
check this out
and Bone crushing Part 2
Most trappers seek for the fur ONLY and throws the rest away. Yes trappers goes for the skin and wastes the rest.
Here's something interesting of why do some people wear furs?
As I said. Majorities of trappers are hardcore Christian, homophobic bigots, they believe in this bible nonsense and they're slave to this book. They always say
god put animals for our use proving Christianity is a selfish religion and this link explains why I hate Christianity soo much?

Why I show my hatred to Christianity on here?
Trapping will remain cruel and unchanged. This page explains trapping in details and has TONS and tons of pictures from and other various tapping communities. Trappers are soo stupid because they call me a liar even when I provide source DIRECTLY to their crappy website. SO it shows how inferior and stupid these egoistical hicks are all are. (HERE)
NON-ARA pic section, pictures directly off of trappers forums (HERE).
Victimized nontargets (HERE) and (HERE).
Traps are dangerous device (HERE)
Videos from trappers dispatching animals. Yes when they don't use guns they whack the animal with a baseball bat and it is horrific even I had trouble watching it (HERE) and
Part two (HERE)
Non-trappers who owns pet must use a leash or a trapper gets mad while a trapper who owns pet doesn't use leashes, how hypocritical is that? (HERE)
Acetone dispatching are NOT humane, it causes a slow and painful death. First I thought acetone caused an instant death but when I stumble on a hick trapper's video about dispatching a skunk with acetone I watched the TWO parts of his vid and it was shocking that acetone took nearly 3 mins to kill the skunk.. (HERE)
Has died forever? While browsing it to gather evidence of their activities it said account suspended. Sadly that horrid site returned, I didn't hack it. Also stupid hick trappers accused me of hacking it.
It's old and obsolete but funny when these alarmist trappers were soo butthurt about Tman being down. check (HERE)
Trappers are hypocrites, they slam at vegans and vegetarians by calling them murderers because they eat plants and vegetables but these hicks are no better because they eat vegetables too (HERE)
Trapper's goal is to make wildlife sick so they can lie and trap them because they hate animals (HERE)
Trappers darkside can be revealed if you anger them. They will kill more animals in your honor, they blame animals over people they hate because hick trappers are fat and or frail cowards.
Twenty two reasons why trappers are bad people and why sane people shouldn't trust these arrogant and egoistical hicks (HERE) this may or may not grow. similar topic in here called Trappers should be HATED. (HERE)
Non-trappers who owns pet must use a leash or a trapper gets mad while a trapper who owns pet doesn't use leashes, how hypocritical is that? (HERE)
Trappers are uncivil hermit and psychotic wackjobs. It is proven animal abuse and human abuse ARE partner in crimes. Trapping DOES cause brain damage and IT IS PROVEN. After spending 10 years of doing document on trappers and their erractic abnormal behavior. (HERE)
Regulations in trapping does NOT exist... See why (HERE)
Evidence of poaching (HERE)
Poaching exists if trappers, anglers and hunters exist (HERE)
How to make a trappers and other sportsmen lives miserable the legal ways... By reporting them on facebook if they use false names to represent themlseves (HERE)
Trappers admitted they would never harm a dog because they love dogs but they harm wildlife because they don't love wild animals (HERE)
Stupid hick trappers will say I photoshop the trapped animals into gorier pictures to defame trappers. But these dumb hicks still refuse to believe that I tell the truth EVEN when I show solid evidence and links to trapperman site. So I even made a video to prove I am NOT lying (HERE)
Most trappers DO abuse animals on their trapline (HERE)
Trappers abuse their pets they way they sound and they don't even know what libertarianism is. Stupid hick trappers oppose abortion when fetus is/are part of the woman's property, her body. (HERE)
London Lure Co. is doing a false misinforming site called
>>> The Truth <<<
or I should say
>>> The Lie <<<
and yep more trappers hypocrisy debunks
The link between declining species and trapping. Evidence gathered from IUCN and Wikipedia. Many species trapped such as the American badger, wolverine and spotted skunk are declining. May become endangered in the future if it keeps dropping. Check it (HERE)
Trappers are ashamed of their sport. The fact of hiding their dispatch method are for 2 reasons.
1: Animal rights using against them, even if they hide it, it doesn't make any better because it rises suspiciousness. Second reason is because trappers are ashamed of their sport and are scared to tell the truth. I got this idea from one trapper who bashed at Tman and got banned for being angry by expressing himself about trappers hiding cruel dispatch. Well this thread is about hiding the results of traps (blood paws) and talking about killing a female beaver with an unborn kit in her womb. Hiding cruel bloody results traps does is just like hiding the dispatching methods is being ashamed of the cruel sick sport (HERE). and finally 2:
Trappers are not proud trappers.
What trappers wont tell and nor show
Just because you can’t see something they do it doesn’t mean they don’t do it. PM best known as private message is a method trappers use to hide his or her cruel way to dispatch an animal, like someone says
(topic - How I dispatch an animal?) one who reply says PM SENT!!!! Here is an example CLICK HERE.
What trappers truly hide in via PM messages? when someone ask about how do you dispatch the animal. A sneak preview of what cruel method they use to dispatch trapped animal
If trapping would be banned they would still trap even if is illegal. This prove trappers value trapping above their own lives. Reason is profit which shows why black marketers and poachers value animal parts over their lives is because of profit. Trapping when is illegal is poaching (HERE).
Trappers will become poachers if you anger them (HERE).
Trappers claims to be compassionate when they aren't in reality. This will be extremely messed-up and plus showing their beyond extreme hypocrisy check this out (HERE).
Also these hicks are VERY far from being compassionate if they use toothed traps, advocate it and don't give a rat ass about their fellow hicks using them (HERE).
Trappers are really bad people because outside their forums they will do very mean stuff to you even illegal things. Some trappers will threaten to kill you if you dislike trapping. They are far-right fascist dictators. (HERE)
Funny thing is many many trappers and hunters worship Sarah Palin without knowing on purpose how stupid Palin is. They get aroused because she hunts and proving that all trappers and hunters who hugs her are stupid. Some say Palin my hero.. They never met her, what if she is a bad person. She lets a 19 years old man have sex with her 17 years old daughter Bristol. Even if her daughter get rape or a father rape a daughter she would oppose abortion. Palin would prove trappers are more hypocrite because she's in favor for oil drilling which means more fake fur HERE.
Why should we respect trappers when they NEVER respect other lifestyles and or people with differences.?
I see these inbred hicks attacking LGBT, attacking homosexuals and spewing hatred upon homosexuals because trappers have soo much hatred that they need to find innocent people to throw their hate on the innocent people (
Evidence of that trappers are soo obsessed on killing animals than rather using the alternative to deal with wildlife causing problems.
Trappers put money first (HERE).
They're trappers do cause pain and suffering to animals and apologize to no one.
Trappers and hunters would be in favor to wipe out species if the government tells them to do it. It is obviously that is true if you check on their forums about their obsession on exploiting for profit.
Trappers are equals to trash of the world. They will burn tires, mattress and dump other trash just as these hicks claimed. Joke or not what they said are real. Is how come I often see trash upnorth such as mattress, tires and other crap burn and unburnt in the forest?? I go hike in the wood and often see all this trash in the woods. I am soo sure is these hicks.
Check this OUT. Another thread from these stupid hick trashing the environment on each Earth day

Where does most of the trappers fur goes on?

This will be shocking and making trappers more hypocrite than ever. Aside from real fur containing formaldehyde and chromium it will show that real fur is more than being in the family of non renewable resources. If something natural is soaked in chemicals is not natural anymore but worst part is their furs goes on synthetics coats
Showing the evidence that stupid hick trappers kills for fun and pleasure. (HERE)
Trappers claims that animal are calm in legholds and do not bite the trap but that is soo false, animal panic violently and bite off the trap and probably suffers dental injuries and the animal becomes extremely exhausted from the struggle. (HERE).
Time to shows the stupidity of those religious ridden hunters and trappers, that may or will bring a good laugh. If you're religious especially Christian DON'T ENTER HERE unless you want to. (HERE)
Trappers trap because of cultural and religious based, NOT science (HERE) is hidding and truth and altered the truth into lies. When that sick trapper posted the truth about flesh cutting leghold trap and non target killed, a mod or admin deleted the last post. and altered the pic (cutting bottom) and make like nothing happened!! but they were a little too late to hide it from me (SEE HERE) I never lie..
These dumb hicks accuses me of photoshopping trapped animals into bloodier images and then they turn around and do it themselves. (PAGE 2).
Trappers claim to be nice but how about their forum that are "hidden" like Newt's forum. Newt and few other members are racist people. Also discriminating non or people with poor English skill is also considered bigotry and discrimination. I see language Nazism as a form of bigotry.
(warning this part will contain some foul language and possible offensive content).
CLICK HERE - Here is the list of Racist bigoted trappers (HERE).

Stupid racist and bigoted trappers will defend racist trappers as long they trap.
Those moronic trappers think they are soo good and perfect such as, saying darn not damn, butt not ass, heck not hell and act soo G-rated in words when their forums is
V rated in violence/horror/satanism etc, but what they are really outside of their forums, some says Faggots which they usually never say on their boards, Dumbass, F**k, S**t, W***e (rarely), some like tracker says hardcore bull, and more, (SEE HERE) PS. Another funny thing why in the story written by Dobbins they can say the word "Hell" but on forums you can't say this word. Hell is NOT a bad word. Sometimes some can breach the filter by saying "H.E.L.L, H E L L. H3LL" etc. Dobbins usually warn or ban people breaking the filter but he haven't deleted or edited the post saying H.E.L.L.
Well is hunting related but stupid trappers are involved in it. Is about Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty
being a homophobic and RACIST!!!!
They are defending this racist and bigot, it's obvious trappers are racist and old fashioned.
Trappers have no lives and many offseason dunno what to do. Or they do other animal killing related crap because they're soo full of hatred.
many hicks trolls people when these hicks don't trap.
This just in!!!
Will show why trapper gets over-frustrated when someone steal their trap like example: when someone lose profit or something makes profit they overrage, also when they don't know how to use their baiting related device.
Trapper's reaction about this website's section. Some post the url to this site and gets deleted some forums they do not delete the url to here. CLICK HERE
What is my position on animals / animal rights (CLICK HERE).
Those stupid ass trappers claims when I used to eat meat that I was a vegetarian anti-zoo, anti-pet ownership etc. They should check my position before criticizing me and spreading slander about me. Now I no longer eat meat but I am NOT anti-meat.
Cruelty is NOT green. As those stupid ass trappers claim fur is green, they are full of crap. Reason of furs is because is profit and it worth a lot of money. Plus fur is very environmentally UNfriendly CHECK HERE !!
Trappers has this huge obsession on killing animals, linking their sites to mostly ONLY animal related killing sites. They link to other trappers, hunter sites. They link their sites to everything as long it involve killing of animals and soo rarely sites that doesn't involve killing animals. BUT in general all their site is linking and others involve killing animals ONLY. Also this moron Jim Blakley making dozens of stupid threads representing the countdown days before trapping starts (HERE) ...
That would potentially hurt trapper's reputation badly which it will tell the truth of what if trappers make the laws of their own. Some want to legalize toothed traps, extending seasons, increasing harvest quota.
Another debunk showing that trappers truely hate animals and are soo obsessed on killing them. I'm not trying to sound like a dictator or something but isn't having soo many names like Yoteskinner, Coonskinner, Furkiller kinda odd? If someone makes a forum with Humankiller, Childkiller etc that would be offensive and psychotic. Check this out THERE, Names from random forums will be listed but forums name wont be shown. Plus they are on Trapping, fishing and hunting based forums ONLY, nothing else. Isn't it odd tons and tons of trappers have speciesist, genocidal and animal hating names?
The evidence shows that traps ARE dangerous devices.
Also trappers who rant at people using hate are hypocrite because these hicks has JUST as much hate as my rant or actually they have even MORE hatred than me, check an example some moron said "Hate is a powerful word. It is hate that is behind the dribble on that guys site." Trappers has by FAR more hatred than me (HERE)
Also reasons why we should call trappers evil lobbyist profiting scumbags and liars is because they're frauds, they are poll cheaters. Yes they will rig, cheat polls because of the amount of profit fur brings to them and their stupid hickery NTA crap. So and again trappers are the biggest poll cheaters. They're frauds.

Trappers, hunters and fishers support this stupid slander factory organization founded and funded by BIG TOBACCO companies. Groups of murderers, liars and profiters. If you support CCF you're a murderous supporting, selfish scumbags and an
anti-environmentalist righty piece of crap. In their view I'd rather be responsible for nearly 1 billion of human deaths to ban PETA, HSUS etc than quitting slaughtering animals for profit. Stupid hick trappers claims HSUS are racketeering but trappers support racketeer themselves. Because they're liars. Supporting them is JUST as bad as wishing and mocking of people with cancer, diabetes, heart disease and etc.
If trappers hates Monsanto soo much then why they support these CCF liars scumbag which are funded by Monsanto then?
They were funded by these scumbags aside tobacco giants. (HERE)
Trappers misc accident and injuries. Showing that stupidity often comes back.
Traps DO cause injuries to animals AND trappers.
Traps DO cause amputation to animals, pet and probably even trappers. CLICK HERE
Why I compare trappers to the same level as rapists and mass murderers?
These stupid hick trappers will call city people names, calling them citidiots etc. Trappers call ALL city people uneducated and stupid.
Guess what you stupid hick trappers. Most of your fur is bought by city folks and without the city fur market would CRASH!!! Here is the truth about how trappers treat the people who buy fur..
Also it contain the exposing of this fat tyrant thebossoftheswamp who is soo damn opinionated and wont let the opposite side express their views on his stupid dumb video called "is fur trapping necessary in today's society?"
Trappers and sport hunters makes the WORST parents on Earth.
Is obvious when adults in their 20 to 50+ act immature, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, bigoted and full of hatred in a forums that welcomes children.
In the honor of this scumbag hick chas3457 who loves to generalize everything, seek negativity and hatred.
I made a new page dedicating my love to TRAP THIEVES.
Now a thing that will fuel the ARA to the roof. Yes Yukon men that will show the dark side of trappers. Even some trappers oppose and or criticize this crappy show.
But guess what MOST of trappers love this piece of shit of a show.
This show first of all is fake.
Most of these losers starring USES synthetic coats with real fur trim.
They abuse animals with sticks and wanna maximize fur value.
These hick trappers calls it survival when in reality is fake, is all about profit. They wanna inhumanely kill animals to maximize fur value etc.
Also these hypocrite uses guns, electricity ,cars, gasoline and stuff survivors don't use.
They abuse their pets and but pets in difficult life on PURPOSE.
Only a brain-deaded moron would call it a survival show.
---===CONTACT ME===---
One of them said I have no email to contact. Well he/she was half right the email is in another page (trappers and money)
in this section so I shoulda put one on the main page.
UPDATE: Emails on my site are getting replaced by forms because some inbred hick from Florida USA spamming me
(not a trapper nor sportsmen ) but an unemployed loser.
This is to express yourself about this idea etc.. I have zero tolerance on abusive, racism, impersonation, profanity and mean message, Any violation can cause the violator to have severe consequences. Any violations that are offensive or urls to bad sites may result of the abuser to be banned or even that could result of me contacting the proper internet authority. Death threats like a clone just posted will have their, IP revealed instantly, make sure the proper authorities are contacted against that terrorist trapper.
Most trappers don't let the opposite side express their views in the civil manner unlikely many ARA let the opposite side express their views as long is kept civil and not abusive etc.

Uncertain for a future shoutbox .
Old shoutbox content (HERE)
The ultimate truth behind trapping (Also you can see ANTA, similar stuff ) PetaTv added it on their video site, a movie clip from API and Before I even learned that video existed I was wondering why there's big circle of digged dirt around the trapped animal..
Q: Why trappers never show a video of the animal just getting caught in a leghold?
A: Because they don't want to show the public.
(reason): When the animal get caught, they panic, struggle to get out and dig off the dirt (make that big circle). Some started to make some videos of animal getting caught. Trappers would mostly film them when they are exhausted like the hoax video Destroying the myth to get away. Destroying the myth is a hoax video, all the huge amount of donations given to NTA. Even some trappers regretted about the huge amount of money WASTED for this hoax video called Destroying the myth, NTA are filthy rich and greedy.

Q: Why trappers never talk nor show dispatching animals. They always PM about it?
A: Because trappers are scared since this site came to life. Like I'll say, trappers are ASHAMED to be trappers. They are not proud trappers. These hermits are scared of the public and low self-esteem and cannot show. If they would show the true image of trapping and video of themselves stomping animals etc, more than ever undecided will become strong anti-trappers. Trappers are soo apathy and careless. Why? Because they trap.

Q: Why trappers never film an animal getting ensnared?
A: Same as above, because they don't want to show the public about it.
(reason): Kill snares cause horrible death, even bloody sometime, some trappers/fur sellers oppose it because it damage the pelt. Like I said before, trappers are ashamed to be trappers. They hide the cruel side of trapping so they can bait the undecided into this cult.

Q: Why trappers never film an animal heading toward a conibear and getting killed?
A: Because the conibear doesn't cause an instant death soo often (failure), it cause an horrible death.
(reason) conibear cause a violent and painful death and trappers don't want the public to see it. Years after this site was put up. I did saw some video of animal getting caught in a conibear and was a member of Tman. Animal struggle for over 30 seconds before it died.

Q: Some trapper recently showed video of a trapped animal and it looks in distress.
A: Is because pain due to pressure pressing on their limb to prevent escaping and plus is in severe distress and bites the trap. It ends up becoming exhausted which is cruel and considered a form torture. Why they don't leghold trap fugitive or criminal is because is CRUEL!!!
A2: Conibear video was also recently showed and it doesn't instant kill it cause the animal to suffer the worst pain, suffocation probably is worst than stomping, applying pressure to the heart stop and even clubbing.

All trappers care is the pelt, no matter how inhumane the animal dies, as long it brings money and profit is all they care, trappers are proven selfish and having no emotion toward other species but themselves, it's not normal people with no emotions they aren't humans they are demonic vile vulcan-like monsters with no soul and no feelings. They are enormously apathy and remorseless. I don't believe in souls but is describing trappers to have no souls because they very lack in sympaty and or remorse toward wildlife. All they care is profit and people like that to me consider to have less rights than modern person people who compare themselves to nature saying nature is cruel so they can be allow to torture animals is a way showing they are primitive caveman and people like that lack in rights, Id rather save a termally ill person than a healthy trapper or hunter's life if a house is burning and I can only save one person because of limited amount of time. I absolutely have no sympathy nor remorse toward trappers and or other sportsmen. I will NEVER feel bad for anything happening to these people. They always value traps above human lives. People like that I will never empathize nor show any traits of remorse toward them. If I would own a cat or dog and then the house would be on fire and I have enough time to save 1 living being Id save my pets because Trappers and hunter aren't important to me, people who had a history of wiping out species should NOT be saved. Wiping a species out is the most unforgiven thing ever. It is worst than murdering someone. These hicks will value ONE human life above the whole population of a species. They hate animals. It is totally selfish to sacrifice the whole population of a species for the sake of one person or one individual. I have a page talking about it. Is destroying a species, revoking its right to exist. Removing something from existance which is the most unacceptable thing in existance. If hunter and trappers brought species into extinction they should ban this cruel and pointless activity and learn from their mistakes but they don't wanna ban it because of PROFIT.. People putting money above everything are scumbags and they should be culled off soo damn hard.
This video will tell the truth behind trappers and destroy the myth of the traps that claim to be humane...
The movie is right about saying that leghold are NOT humane, they are barbaric and cause wounds, small to big
Cull  of  the  wild  Download, the 10.3(10:36)minutes version.
for more about the other and longer ones go in here
1,536KB for extremely low quality & resolution MODEM 28kbps - format wmv -. The LINK
2,306KB for very low quality & resolution MODEM 56kbps - format wmv -. The LINK
3,896KB for low quality & resolution ISDN 64 kbps- format wmv -. The LINK
7,754KB for med-low quality & resolution BROADBAND 128 kbps- format wmv -. The LINK
17,694KB for medium quality & resolution BROADBAND 256 kbps- format wmv -. The LINK
132,084KB for high quality resolution zipped 134,858MB unzipped BROADBAND N/A kbps- format mpeg -. The LINK
A strong supporter of:
Ban leg-hold traps
Footloose Montana
for their strong anti-trapping stance. Their tireless work of trying to ban trapping and protect rare species.
FUND And more
Also I start to believe that trappers and hunters are the CAUSE of wildlife losing fear to humans and causing more conflicts aside the human population issues and those inbred hypocrite hicks blame it all on wildlife.. When those highly non selective traps capture an animal off season and they release it the surviving animal probably send the message to other animals. What do you think trapper use to lure animals to trap????? Bait (food). There is a thing called don't feed wild animals. Trappers are making their corrupted government goons look like hypocrite because how come we can't feed wildlife but those inbred hick hunters and trappers can?. Also even in seasons when an animal get trap I often see in their video another animal comes near the trapped animal, either fight them or do nothing and then leave. Also trapper and hunters strongly support bear baiting which is FEEDING WILD ANIMALS, the cause of bear and human conflict often aside human overpopulation are because of trappers and hunter baiting them those dumbasses don't realize that probably other bears in distance smell the food since bears has an extremely good sense of smell. So each people who get severely injure or killed by bears including CHILDREN are the hunters and trappers fault. So hunters and trappers officially kill humans by increasing bear and human conflict, they cannot kill people themselves but they use animal by baiting them to kill people including children, that's why don't feed the wild animal or else. That's why they are bad people aside being soo hypocrite and more. Those type of people are coward and they use wildlife so they find something to blame because of the human and animal conflict that they are causing from baiting them to us.
Truth finally revealed, trapper DO trap for money, here is the important part of his infamous quote.. IrJacks said "harvests are largely dependent upon fur values not a need to reduce populations".. He says is all about money not population control. If fur would worth 0 they would stop trapping because in the late 70s to late 80s trapper's population dropped to nearly zero because there was no profit. Is all about those religious zealot's greed, yes money.
Also trappers are very low live like they live on very often I see "Good Morning Trapperman" thread. They make hundred of them like they LIVE on that crappy website because they have nothing else to do but living on that site or killing animals. Its the only forums in the world they say good morning like they live on the site. The feeble brained Mole each freaken bloody damn day he says
"GOOD MORNING TRAPPERMAN" Like he freaken LIVE on that website, he even tells the temperature. WTH!!!! Every states have different temperature. In his mole mind is like ALL THE WORLD HAS THE SAME TEMPERATURE!!!! He at least coulda say its's 12F In MY STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Paul Dobbins killing for money cruelty to wildlife and
responsible for extinctions in the 1800s and 1900s, They kill only for profit and spread intense lies. snares are cruel, is like using a 110volts coil around your neck, those idiots think it calmdown an animal but they are deathly wrong those religious wackjob, animal will strangle themselves to death or exhaustion. Trappers are coldhearted robots with no soul 100% of trappers hate animals all they love is a carcasses and skin/money. they provide 0 to save our deteriorating rainforest those religious nutcase, there is no god.
Lots of trappers are obese because all they do is set their traps and sit on their fat ass and wait several hours trappers are hypocrite hypocritical..